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*** “Fair Game”Directed by Doug Liman

"Fair Game" is a Mind Game
Nov. 12, 2010

Of course I had to see “Fair Game”, the new movie out based on the true story about the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame by the White House in retaliation against her husband Joseph Wilson’s contradiction of the lies that the White House was putting out in the media about Iran’s attempt to re-establish it’s nuclear efforts, specifically pointing out to a false report of buying “yellowcake” uranium in Niger, thereby undermining the Bush Administration’s push for fighting a war in Iraq.

It’s all about spies and recent politics. Right up my alley.

My husband Mark refused to go because he assumed that since it was a Hollywood film, and we all know who dominates Hollywood, and the director Doug Liman is most likely a part of the Jewish tribe, thereby subscribing to their war-mongering mentality, overtly or covertly, and so he didn’t want to pay into his coffer.  However, I still wanted to go because I know that some Jewish Americans are more honest than others and some are or were very honest, such as Aaron Russo.  Of course, I knew that the film couldn’t be too controversial because it would not get distributed in the US, or if it did, it would just be at some film festival or shown only at a few theatres briefly around the country, as in Brian DePalma’s “Redacted” and Oliver Stone’s “South of the Border” for two recent examples.  At any rate, the director or “Fair Game” Doug Liman has some excellent credits to his name, such as “Bourne Identity”, and others, even going back to “Swingers”, which I remember as being quite entertaining.  As long as a film entertains and doesn’t have an obvious war-mongering agenda, I will check out a movie.  And in this case, Doug Liman himself was going to be on stage after the film in a Q & A session with the audience.

Doug Liman’s father was Arthur Liman, the chief counsel for the 1987 Senate Iran-Contra hearings in which the Reagan administration was charged with illegally selling arms to Iran to fund Contra rebels in Nicaragua, as the story goes.  So Doug Liman has gone on record saying he has had upfront and close interaction with some of the spies that his father consulted with.  

I would give this movie three and a half stars out of five, which is pretty good.  At times it got a bit draggy, as in when she went home to stay with her parents to sort things out in her life.

However, overall, I found the movie to be quite interesting, engaging and well done.  Apparently Limon was also the cinematographer for the film.  

Naomi Watts, who played Valerie Plame, and Sean Penn, who played Joe Wilson, were both fantastic in their roles.  Very believable and their making up even brought tiny tears to my eyes.

There were some interesting admissions in the film as well.  The actor David Andrews who played Scooter Libby (note: I will not bold-face this scumbag’s name) was also quite convincing in showing who was really behind the outing of Valerie Plame and how he pressured many people in the CIA to come to his conclusions about Iraq’s WMD, never mind that the CIA agents could not believe his opinion at all since they did not coincide with their own intelligence.  It was really obvious that Scooter Libby wanted the CIA agents to just agree with Scooter’s conclusions about Iraq’s WMD, and if they didn’t they would face a sort of career suicide (or darkly worse).  However, as is usual with the mainstream media and of not course in this movie, there is never any mention of WHO IS behind Scooter Libby’s drive to push the war-mongering agenda to attack Iraq regardless of any real evidence of WMD.  As you and I know, it was Israel and it’s operatives aggressively pushing this in the USA, and in fact, Scooter Libby was operating on behalf of Israel and NOT the USA.  This very important point is never once even alluded to in this film except for one occasion which I will elaborate on later.

Scooter Libby is never identified as Jewish, never identified as an Israeli-American, which of course he is, and his direct connections with a foreign government, that of Israel’s, and the various Jewish political action groups, such as AIPAC or JINDA, whose agenda he is an asset/operative of, is never identified.  Probably more than half of the people in the audience, watching the film as I did, don’t even identify Scooter Libby as the traitor he is to the USA, don’t even know he is Jewish/ Israeli-American, and that he is indeed an Israeli agent only pretending to be concerned about Americans’ security and well being.

The one scene in which the Mossad is mentioned is with regards to how Scooter Libby, with Vice President Richard Cheney behind him, managed to out Valerie Plame and in doing so, made it so that she had to be fired and therefore all her operations around the world, including in Iraq, had been taken over by others effective immediately.  She was off the job, period.  She wasn’t allowed to fill anyone in on her operations or anything at all.  She was just fired cold turkey and told to get lost, with no extra security, no nothing.  To her credit, Plame was upset and concerned, particularly, about an operation where she was going to get 15 Iraqi nuclear scientists out of Iraq and into a safe place, perhaps even the US. These 15 important Iraqi nuclear scientists were promised by Plame a safe exit.  But due to the Israeli operatives in our government, most specifically Scooter Libby, “they” took Plame off her job, and “took care of” all those 15 Iraqi scientists.  They were “disappeared”.  Killed, in other words, by the Mossad.  In this movie, this was actually clearly revealed, as a CIA agent in the movie stated that the Mossad had been “after” these Iraqi scientists for years. So the Mossad saw their window of opportunity to off them, as in murder them. Yes, this was actually basically stated this in the movie.  This was probably lost on the audience. How many Americans even know the meaning of the word Mossad?  How many people know that the Mossad are Israeli spies? How many people know about PNAC (Project for New American Century)?

Towards the end of the movie, there is a rousing speech by Joe Wilson, who has been vindicated since Scooter Libby was convicted (but his sentence commuted by war criminal Bush), encouraging Americans to speak out and not to allow corruption in the government to run rampant and trample our rights.

So there was the feel-good, happy ending, inspiring us to be brave and speak out.  And it seemed great and real at first.

But then the warm and fuzzy feeling slowly evaporated as Doug Liman spoke, answering some questions from the audience, and inadvertantly perhaps, revealing the all-too-common phenomenon of self-deception rampant among Jewish Americans who claim that the USA is their country, while in fact, it is second place to their other country: Israel.

He made big statements about how Americans were lied to by Bush and administration and how we should speak out against that.  But nowhere in the movie or in Liman’s Q & A talk did he even mention about all the needless deaths and destruction of Iraqis and their country and the injustice of that.  No, it was always about how we were lied to by Bush.  Where is the compassion for the holocaust of the Iraqi people????????????? Where is the compassion for the Afghan people and the Pakistani people, many who have lost family members to this unjust war and many who have lost their homes????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is OUTRAGEOUS.

Yes, it’s terrible that many Americans have given up their lives in an unjust war that was based on lies of WMD, but they volunteered to fight and they still volunteer to fight in a foreign land with little knowledge or even concern for the Truth about what the war is even about.  Even taking into consideration the number of deaths of Americans, it is quite small compared to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and other Arabs who have died as a result of this unjust war.

Then Liman goes on to say that instead of attacking Bush politically in his work on films, he decided to made advertisements for Obama instead, thinking that was more constructive.  However, as even Liman admitted, the Obama administration has taken on many of Bush’s agenda, including not giving some of the prisoners of Guatanamo their “day in court”, but he did not to mention the continuation of the unjust war against Arabs and Muslims, not only still in Iraq, but also with Afghanistan.

Seems like a bit of self-deception to me, on the part of Doug Liman! Oh yeah. Big time!

And this was the real clincher.  He said it was terrible how Valerie Plame was taken off the job because, he lives in New York City and he fears an upcoming nuclear attack, and she was working on preventing Iran and Pakistan getting any nuclear weapons.


So you mean to tell me that he really fears a nuclear attack from Iranians or Pakistanis in New York City??????

First of all, by saying this, he reveals that: A. He doesn’t believe that 9-11 was an inside job orchestrated mainly by Israelis and Israeli-Americans aka Jewish American, which obviously it was to anyone who looks at the evidence; B. That he thinks that Israel having nuclear weapons is just fine and dandy with him and that no other country in the Middle East should have them; C. That he doesn’t think that Israel is capable of having a nuclear bomb go off in NYC as a “false flag operation” as was 9-11; D. He has a Jewish Zionist mindset.  Period. Clear as day. Unfortunately, since Jewish Americans dominate the media in the US, many non-Jewish Americans have the same mindset. See Joel Stein's article in the LA Times to see who runs the media. He documents it and just hopes it keeps being that way.

Liman also inadvertantly reveals that in his mind that, OK, now Iraq is “done” and Afghanistan is almost “done”, so now it’s on to Iran and Pakistan that we must really be “concerned” with.  That is the typical Zionist mindset, and he reveals himself as a Zionist therefore.

You and I know that is most likely that 9-11 was an inside job orchestrated by Israelis and facilitated by Israeli-Americans and their assets such as Cheney, and their puppet Dubya Bush, as there are mountains and mountains of evidence and even proof really, to anyone who looks at it with an open mind.  The fact is that the media is dominated by Jews, again, as Joel Stein of the LA Times proved and approved, and so they can cover for their thuggish brethren who pulled off 9-11.  After all, it was good for the Jews, they figure, and I guess that’s all that matters to them.  Obviously, if the Truth came out about the major role that Jewish Americans and Israelis playing in making 9-11 happen on purpose, then of course, this does not bode well for Jews in general, however I maintain that only the truly guilty should be worried about what will come to pass.

So, in my humble opinion, Liman is really just another one of those “liberal Jews” who muddies the waters, and claiming that the “Right” is really after him, when all we Truthseekers, whether Right, Left or in-between, want is just the Truth and nothing but the Truth.  Bush was bad in a bad way but Obama is almost just as bad in a bad way with regards to the tragedy that is unjust war.

I would have said something about this at the Q & A with Liman, but where to begin?

The only relief is to vent on-line.


Feb. 2010~ "AVATAR"

*****HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION:"Avatar" Directed by James Cameron. “AVATAR” is required viewing for all those who champion the rights of indigenous peoples’ against the War Machine, especially with regards to Palestinian human rights.  The long-suffering Palestinian people have struggled painfully ever since the Jewish supremacist state was allowed to be created in 1948 by the Western Powers That Be, while stealing Palestinian land while massacring and persecuting the Palestinian people who have lived there continuously for hundreds of years and many generations.

Those Zionist Jews and their non-Jewish supporters just won’t “get” this film, as they perpetually have their blinders on with regards to their sins against humanity in the Middle East, especially with regards to support for Israel's on-going genocidal campaign against the Palestinina people.  As a Jewish movie-goer said loudly, with sarcasm, to his companion while leaving the theatre after “AVATAR” had ended, “There’s a message in there somewhere.”  Yes, and it’s a message that people of his mindset willfully refuse to comprehend.

That message is that the human spirit is transcendent above material things and it cannot be killed.  The Palestinian people are a case in point.  They were stripped by the British of all their weapons before the British allowed the Jews to take over Palestine to make it a homeland for Jews, at the expense of the Palestinian people, and today, thanks to the billions of dollars our government gives Israel annually, at the expense of the American people.  Ever since then, which is known as “Al Nakba” (“The Catastrophe” in Arabic), the Palestinian people have been on the receiving side of ever more horrific and sophisticated weaponry rained upon them by the Israelis, while the Palestinian have nothing but rocks to throw and crude home-made rockets to try to defend themselves, since Israel allows no weapons to be shipped to the Palestinians.  Israel allows no cement into Gaza so the Palestinian people have to resort to making homes with mud bricks.  Israel allows no coffee or hair conditioner into Gaza, as these are considered “luxury items” by the demonic, sadistic Israelis, as they continue their systematic program of ethnic cleansing and slow genocide against the Palestinian people.

This incredibly beautiful film “AVATAR” picks up where the excellent 2009 sleeper film “District 9” left off.   

While the Aliens (representing “The Other”, or those we are taught to fear or hate) in “District 9” were disgusting to look at, though human-like and somehow likable in their emotional make-up, the Aliens in “AVATAR” were fascinatingly beautiful in a haunting way.  The Aliens in “AVATAR” share many characteristics which we associate with indigenous peoples and people who are typically categorized as “New Agers” and “Tree Huggers”, that is they are in touch with the unseen spiritual worlds and nature.  The average human beings in “District 9” and “AVATAR” were like many of our citizens who are dominated by their power hungry military and elite masters who only care about the material world, gaining riches and control.

In both films, we see how the heros overcome their initial fear or prejudices that they have been indoctrinated with, and then become close enough to the aliens to understand their value systems, gain their trust, and then forge bonds that transcend fear, hatred and greedy material concerns.  Justice, beauty, altruistic love and preservation of peace become the priorities.

In the case of “AVATAR”, I like how the militaristic, materialistic Americans (we assume they are American, as to their accents, dress and mannerisms) are invited to leave after they lose the battle to the aliens of Pandora, and only the Americans who have truly bonded “as family” with the Pandorans are allowed to stay.

That’s how I like to see the end of the Jewish supremacist state of Israel.  After the dust has settled, and the Universe forces the Jewish supremacist state of Israel to transform into Palestine-Israel, a true democracy with completely equal rights for all regardless of religion, race, creed, gender, etc., and all the Palestinian refugees are allowed their Right to Return and reclaim their homes, businesses, orchards and properties, along with reparations, then all of the Zionist Jews will be invited to leave.  Only Jews who have bonded “as family” or at least as truly “good neighbors”, even sharing a condo or apartment building, living next door to non-Jews in peace, and who are willing to give back the stolen properties to their rightful non-Jewish owners, will be allowed to remain in Palestine-Israel.

“AVATAR” is an incredibly effective and awesome combination of drama, action, romance, fantasy, special effects and spiritual genres, melded into a spectacular production which has truly achieved a new pinnacle in film-making. Kudos to director James Cameron!

Here are some photos from a recent protest in Palestine-Israel, where the international and Palestinian protesters dressed as the aliens from Avatar to protest the Israeli Apartheid Wall and illegal Jewish settlements on stolen Palestinian land, and as is usual, the Israelis used teargas against them and shot them with rubber bullets, both of which can be lethal. For instance, Oakland, California peace activist Tristan Anderson lies in a coma in a hospital in Israel (since his girlfriend is Jewish, the Israeli hospital took him in, but they'd never take in a Palestinian) after being hit in the forehead with a teargas cannister shot at close range by a Jewish Israeli soldier. He is paralyzed on one side of his body, lost an eye and lost most of his brain and may never be conscious again. All this because he was targetted by an Israeli while he was participating in a non-violent protest like this against Israel's Apartheid Wall. Other international peace activists have also been murdered by Israeli soldiers, such as 23 year old American Rachel Corrie, British Tom Hurndall, and others. Young American Brian Avery was shot in the face by an Israeli soldier, and thank goodness, he survived, but he now has a severely disfigured face for life. FREE FREE PALESTINE! DOWN WITH RACIST, APARTHEID ISRAEL! NO MORE US AID AT ALL TO ISRAEL EVER!

Feb. 2010

****HIGH RECOMMENDATION:"Edge of Darkness"Directed by Martin Campbell If you are a true Mel Gibson fan, his latest film does not disappoint. Although he has gotten a bit older looking (who hasn't?), he still transmits the incredible intensity we have come to expect from him. This is an action-packed suspenseful, political thriller that resonates with many people these days who are suspicious of the shadow government of elites in the corporate world and their bed-partners, "our" politicians. We who have been paying attention are well aware of the convoluted mechanisms of how the world works in those upper echelons of big money and political power, and how the corporate media is complicit in allowing these deadly games to happen without investigation.

We can relate to Mel's character as the "little guy" up against the "big guys" who have all the power and money. Surprisingly, some of the actors in this movie are actually much taller than Mel Gibson and underscore the "little guy" aspect of his character.

This film is packed with action and intrigue, and I won't go into anymore detail. I just highly recommend it if you are interested in seeing a political thriller that gives the righteous underdog his righteous victory, even if he can't fully enjoy it on this earth. Good lessons here, besides good entertainment. Welcome back, Mel!!!!!!!

Nov. 2009

*****HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION:"Salt of this Sea" Directed by Palestinian-American director Annemarie Jacir. I saw this at the Palm Springs International Film Festival a few months ago, and it was truly astounding, entertaining and educational. It just amazes me that this Palestinian film director was able to jump through all the hoops and over all the obstacles that she did along with her cast to make this film in Palestine-Israel, while risking getting arrested and who knows what might have happened had the Israeli authorities did so. Clever, clever, clever woman, with a noble cause! It was so professional, so convincing, with the strong ring of truth--- and no wonder! She has been through it all. She is a Palestinian-American who has family over in Palestine-Israel. All Americans should see this film. You can be sure if she were a Jew telling her version of whatever happened to her during WWII in the Nazi concentration camps, every American would have at least seen the trailers of that movie in all the movie theaters and would have read about her and her movie in all the reviews in all the newspapers and magazines. It's really maddening how the media is so dominated by the Jewish powers that be and their narrative, while they fascistically suppress the narratives and works by Palestinian film-makers and authors. Here is a link to some info about this truly extraordinary and most important film to see at this time on earth. Seriously folks-- take a look:

*****HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION:District 9 Directed by Neill Blomkamp. I only went to this film because the husband of a friend of mine highly recommended it and had said it was filmed in South Africa, a place I am hoping to visit one of these days. I really had zero idea about what the movie was about other than that, and when I heard later that it was kind of a sci fi movie about aliens, I had second thoughts of seeing it at all. But one night I decided we'd have to go check it out, and it was only playing a couple cities over in a movie theatre that is mostly frequented by Mexican Americans and it only cost $2.50 per ticket. Little did I know that this movie would blow me away with its simply outstanding cinematography which made these aliens, the "prawns", a 'slur word' for them, seem so incredibly real, as well as the spaceship, and the violent battle scenes. But it was more than that, much more than that. This was a very human story that involved interesting interaction between the aliens and the humans that paralleled many of the issues our societies/civilizations today deal with regarding race and other cultures. There were so many elements to this story that made it really come alive and generally amaze, besides the extraordinary cinematography. There were romantic, comedic, dramatic, sc ifi, buddy film, adventurer, documentarian, TV news and war movie genre qualities layered into this film, directed by a newcomer from South Africa. This movie is actually Neill Blomkamp's first feature length film! What an achivement! Such a talent! NOT TO BE MISSED.
Check this out:

August 2008

*****HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION: Bottle Shock Directed by Randall Miller. This superb film made me laugh, it made me cry, it was entertaining and all based on a TRUE story.  Having lived in the Bay Area for a couple decades and having spend many weekends sampling the fantastic wines of the Napa Valley at the dozens of gorgeous vineyards there, I really had a trip down memory lane as well.  It stars Alan Rickman (who is one of the producers of the excellent play about one of my heroines “My Name Is Rachel Corrie”!), Bill Pullman, Dennis Farina and others.  It’s a dramatization of the events around the time when California wines beat out French wines in a blind-tasting contest in France in 1976, which TIME Magazine publicized and it shocked the world!  This film is certainly worthy of an Oscar for Best Film, and I think that Bill Pullman should win an Oscar for Best Actor, and Alan Rickman should get the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

It was also very beautifully shot, so it should even win an Oscar for Best Cinematography!

As you can see, I LOVED this film and I think you will too!

P. S. By the way, in some ways, maybe just because the subject of great wines and vineyards was central to the movie as well, it reminded me a little of the film entitled "Sideways" which I also thought was a great film, for many reasons. I think that "Bottle Shock" even tops that one, for the emotionality of the film and although it had some comedic moments, it seemed like deeper film spiritually to me and it really touched me.

March 2008
*****HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION: Redacted Directed by Brian De Palma. I finally got to watch this incredibly moving anti-war film by Brian De Palma, one of my favorite film directors. I had to wait for it to come out on DVD, and I rented it the very day it appeared in our local video/DVD rental store. The powers that be in the media world apparently were successful in preventing it from having a big theatrical release around the country. It was never shown in theatres out here in the desert, and it didn't even have a very long run in theatres in Los Angeles! War-mongering talking heads like potatohead Bill O'Rielly of Faux News (oops! I meant Fox News) actually made threatening statements towards DePalma, and Mark Cuban, the distributor of the film, and any theatres that had the courage to screen it. Bully boy O'Reilly. He's a work of 'art', eh? NOT. Someone should put a muzzle on him. Here goes my short review of this astounding film which must not be missed by anyone who questions this "war on terror", a ridiculous term since war IS terror.

From the onset of the film, there are subtitles in Spanish and then in French, and many languages are spoken througout it, including English, Arabic, French, Spanish and perhaps others I cannot recall at this time. At first I thought that I should hit some button on my remote control to get rid of the subtitles, but to no avail. Those distracting and rather annoying, shifting subtitles were persistently there-- and then it dawned on me! This was a brilliant ploy on Di Palma's part to transport the viewer of this film to the environment in Iraq, where thousands of people from foreign lands converged there - soldiers, media, government workers and contractors, in the chaotic, transitional world of a "regime change" imposed from outside foreign powers, specifically the United States of America. This confusing, dangerous atmosphere fraught with uncomfortable tension where suspicions are acerbated by misunderstandings as the result of different cultures and languages is artfully conveyed in this film.

Based on real facts and reports which De Palma mined largely from the internet with regards to an actual recent tragic event - a gang rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman by American soldiers - the story is reconstructed cleverly by having two of the actor" soldiers" filming the events while serving time there in Iraq, one "soldier" wanting to share his experience with family and friends back home, and the other was hoping to use his footage in a documentary which would serve as his entree into the glamorous world of Hollywood directors.

I don't want to give too much of the story away, so I will simply say that it is a deeply disturbing and well-crafted film which is truly worthy of an Oscar but of course, since Hollywood is very pro-war, anti-Arab, pro-Israel and has its Zionist agenda, this won't happen.

Watch the film to the very end. Then you will see a scene which will send you completely over the edge into fits of sobbing, and I am not kidding. It's not a manipulative film, it is simply painfully, excruciatingly informative. See this film. Brian De Palma's incredibly poignant and morally driven work is deserving of support from everyone of good conscience.

The one criticism I have of this film is that one of the evil soldiers is often filmed sitting on a chair draped with a confederate flag meant to convey racism, and he often had a crucifix sticking out of his shirt pocket -- which is a typical and rather tired stereotype that Hollywood directors push for "the bad guys". The soldier also often uses the slur "sand niggers" to describe the Iraqis. The fact is that this immoral "war on terror", which obviously has some dumb, racist foot soldier-pawns who feign to be Christian doing the dirty work, is largely orchestrated and pushed by Israel-firster, Zionist Jewish neocons, so maybe it would have been far more appropriate if the evil soldier was sitting on a chair draped with the Israeli flag and sporting a "Star of David" necklace around his neck. Oh, but that would have been "anti-semitic"! Oops!

**1/2 O Jerusalem Directed and co-written by Erie Chouraqui, a Jewish Frenchman, which has recently screened in the Jewish Film Festival in Palm Springs.

Unfortunately the movie I had planned on seeing, "Champagne Spy", a new documentary about a Mossad spy of some notoriety, was cancelled for some reason. Perhaps the local ADL decided that the subject matter was simply too hot in this political climate, especially since two ex-AIPAC members are now under investigation by the US government for various reasons with regards to illegal spying in the US. Incredibly there was to even have been a Q&A with a member of AIPAC after the screening of "Champagne Spy". I knew it sounded too good and revealing to be true! So it was substituted with "O Jerusalem", which I thought sounded interesting. It was supposed to be about "the struggle for Jerusalem and the birth of Israel", and so I wanted to see what kind of Jewish propaganda it might be, since I was sure it could not be a totally honest film because that too would have been canceled NO DOUBT, due to pressure from Jewish groups such as the ADL.

I was somewhat pleasantly surprised that "O Jerusalem" was not horribly offensive. Obviously, the director is not a hard-core Zionist, such as Ariel Sharon, David Horowitz, and let's face it, a large majority of Jewish people, it seems, but he is a soft Zionist none-the-less. As such, it is hard to be overly enthusiastic about this film.

I'll start off with the negatives:

* Chouraqui never referred to the Zionist Jewish gangs in his film who went around blowing up buildings such as the King David Hotel and massacring entire Palestinian villages as what they were called back then by all the maj0r newspapers and what they truly were: TERRORISTS. That really would have been something special if he did use that word in this film, to show how hypocritically the T-word is used, how one-sided, how propagandistic by the Zionized US media and government. We all know how our Zionized media and government label all those who oppose Zio-American persecution and exploitation as "terrorists", never using that word to describe Jewish Israeli actions or American actions (such as war).

* At the end of the film, the narrative voice-over spoke about how "750,000 people were displaced" at the birth of the Jewish state of Israel, but he didn't identify those people as who they were: non-Jewish Palestinians. Their land and property was all stolen by Zionist Jews who are still doing the same thing to the remaining Palestinians -- never compensating them in the slightest and lying about it to the world, as "retaliation" when in actuality, the Zionist Jews came in fully expecting to take over Palestinian land, as the world looked the other way. Look up the real history of the Palestinian-Israel conflict at Very few Jewish activists call for justice for the Palestinians in terms of : completely equal rights in Palestine-Israel, honoring the displaced Palestinian refugees' Right to Return to Palestine-Israel (as it is their right according to UN Resolutions and International Law), giving them reparations, giving them back much of their land, and denying the "right" of Jews anywhere to just go over to live in Israel and steal more Palestinian land. The narrator makes a plea for peace at the end of this film, but never truthfully addresses the issues that must be resolved in order for this to happen. It is impossible to "make peace" with someone when you are trespassing against them: stealing their land and resources, killing them and lying about it to the word, and claiming to be superior to them and above the law.

*One of his characters said the UN allowed for Jews to come and take over much of the Palestinian land as in the "partition" of Palestine, however the UN was not created at that time but rather it was the fore-runner to the UN, it was the United League of Nations, formed largely by Jewish forces and Arab countries had no say at that time. It was only due to the incredible political power and financial power of the Jewish Zionist politicans and activists who were well-connected at that time and still are, that they managed to sway the US and most European countries into agreeing that Jewish people's demands and desires were far more important than non-Jewish Palestinians' rights at that time, and this is STILL the problem today as a matter of fact.

*The leading character is a Jude Law-lookalike who is very naive and the typical soft Zionist, with their typical "Why can't we just live in peace" sort of attitude while pretending not to realize that the Jews' stealing of others' land and resources is, of course, the REAL issue. Talk about an immigration problem! How would the people of ANY country appreciate hordes of immigrants coming to invade their land with the intention of wiping their country off the map, which is what the Zionists were intent on doing all along and still are. The Zionist Jews gave lip service to the Brits that they would not deny the natives of Palestine their civil rights, but they NEVER kept their word. From day one, they took even more land by force than what was partioned to them-- which was also an act of force sanctioned by the super-powers of the US and Europe of that time, showing NO REGARD for the non-Jewish natives of Palestine. Watch how our leaders still only give lip service to caring about the Palestinian people. It's a sham and a shame.

*He showed some Arabs yelling the by now well-publicized threats about "driving the Jews into the sea" when the fact is that Zionist Jews were the ones who came from the sea and then drove hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to seek escape into the sea via boats to neighboring countries such as Lebanon. It's just so typical of Zionist Jews to accuse others of wanting to do this and that to them, while they actually are doing this and that to the Palestinians and others. Take for instance the Israelis' insistence that Iran, nor Iraq, should have any nuclear weapons, yet the Israelis have well over 250 nuclear warheads, a fact the the Zionized US media helps to put a veil on-- as usual, always covering up the ugly Truth about Israel.

So here are some of the positives:

*It was well done cinematically and I always like to see films shot on location, since I am a travel buff.

*At least it did mention some key events with regards to the birth of Israel, otherwise known as "The Catastrophe" ("Al Nakba" in Arabic) such as: the Zionists' bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946 killing many Brits and Arabs in order to scare off the British military; the Zionists' massacring of the Palestinian village Dier Yassin to scare off the Palestinians from their homes and land; how the United League of Nations partitioned off Palestine, but the Brits just walked away and let the Zionist Jews steal even more land from non-Jewish Palestinians while terrorizing them; how Arabs and Jews lived together peacefully in Palestine up until that time, although there were not many Jews living there at the time (basically only in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, although this was not made clear at all in this movie); how Jews and Muslims actually supposedly worship the same God (but let's face it, Jews obviously think God loves them more, as many of them prefer to think of themselves as "The Chosen People" whom God gave the land of Palestine, something obviously not everyone agrees on).

I do think this film has the potential to spark the curiosity of the average non-Jewish Americans' minds to perhaps try to learn some more about the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict on their own. I certainly hope so.

**** Rendition Directed by Gavin Hood, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon. Excellent film. It has it all for me in terms of political intrigue, travelogue, romance, and revealing complexities with regards to what is deemed "moral" and not. I highly recommend this emotionally moving film which sheds light on many issues that we face today as Americans. Go see this film!


Mel Gibson's new flick "Edge of Darkness" Delivers The Goods

If you are a true Mel Gibson fan, his latest film does not disappoint. Although he has gotten a bit older looking (who hasn't?), he still transmits the incredible intensity we have come to expect from him. This is an action-packed suspenseful, political thriller that resonates with many people these days who are suspicious of the shadow government of elites in the corporate world and their bed-partners, "our" politicians. We who have been paying attention are well aware of the convoluted mechanisms of how the world works in those upper echelons of big money and political power, and how the corporate media is complicit in allowing these deadly games to happen without investigation.

We can relate to Mel's character as the "little guy" up against the "big guys" who have all the power and money. Incredibly, some of the actors in this movie are actually much taller than Mel Gibson and underscore the "little guy" aspect of his character.

This film is packed with action and intrigue, and I won't go into anymore detail. I just recommend it if you are interested in seeing a political thriller that gives the righteous underdog his righteous victory, even if he can't fully enjoy it on this earth. Good lessons here, besides good entertainment.

More on Mel.....

Mel Gibson's previous film "Apocalypto" beat all the odds and comes up as a blockbuster hit, even surpassing "Braveheart" in the opening weekend. Check the official Hollywood report out here. The man is truly gifted, courageous, hopefully UNSTOPPABLE.

In the meantime, check out the official movie website at:

If you are interested in getting a headstart on the history of the Mayan and Aztec peoples at the time when Hernan Cortez conquered what is now Mexico, I highly recommend one of the best reads of all times for adventure, historical interest and anthropology, "Conquest of New Spain" by Bernal Diaz, who was the official historian along for the ride with Hernan Cortez during this incredibly fascinating journey. You can get it by clicking here. It is a very revealing document of human nature and patterns.
It is shocking. It is amazing. It is NEVER dull.

The same could be said for the film itself which Mark and I checked out yesterday. Even harsh critic Mark gave it 4 stars. I have to concur.

The cinematography was astounding, powerful and beautiful. The storyline was at once intensely personal, focusing on familial ties and love, yet informative visually with regards to the historical backdrop of that time in space.

By the way, the Aztec and Mayan cultures were perhaps the bloodiest of all time, not including the present time, where our own country is guilty of being the Big Bad War Machine along with Israel. While the Christian conquistadores may have been overly exploitive of the native peoples in Mexico at that time, it pales next to what the leaders of the Aztecs and Mayans did to their own people. This is why Hernan Cortez with only approximately 400 men were able to conquer all of what is today Mexico. The native people there were all fighting each other and also resentful of the heavy tributes they were all forced to give up to their leaders at the time. They not only had to give a majority of their crops and resources to their leaders, they were forced to fight in endless wars, and even to give over their children for sacrifices to the gods. Much of this is also recorded in the codices (illustrated storybooks), steles (tablets inscribed with a form of hieroglyphics), murals, statues, pyramids and gravesites created by the people themselves.

Many lessons can be learned for today from studying history, including all that happened in this stunning historical epoch when the Mayans and Aztec were at their zenith of power. I have been waiting for someone to make a film about the Mayans and Aztecs for a long time and leave it to Mel Gibson to take on this gargantuan epic project. Also, if you have not seen Gibson's "Braveheart" yet, it is a MUST SEE, and it's based on a true story as well. Of course "The Passion of Christ" is a must see as well, although it is painfully bloody. I saw it the first day it opened. It did not disappoint. Way to go, Mel!

The story of the Mayans and Aztecs, and how Hernan Cortez and his men conquered Mexico, is only touched upon in Gibson's movie. I hope other directors as talented as Gibson is will continue to mine this fascinating era. Obviously, it is hard to make films of historical events without somehow offending someone politically, but one must come from a good place and most people will recognize that and appreciate that.

The fact is that we are all part of the human family, every single one of us. It doesn't matter what the race, color, ethnicity, creed or gender one is. And everyone is capable of both good and evil, and we must be ever vigilant in seeking peace, justice and equal rights for all with no exceptions. The Golden Rule applies to all: Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. There has been a horrible history of man's inhumanity to each other throughout time, and now we are witnessing it by our own armed forces and mercenaries over in the Middle East fighting unjust wars, based on lies, and only making the elite richer and more powerful, along with their henchmen.

I took a couple classes a few year ago on the history of the Mayans and the Aztecs, and it is indeed shocking what the elite in their cultures did. The Aztecs were even bloodier than the Mayans, although they were a close second. They sometimes sacrificed as many as 20,000 victims at a time, and the blood literally flowed down the steps from the temples atop the pyramids. The priests and leaders often ate the arms and legs of the victims in stews of tomatoes and chilies at grand feasts, and threw the rest of the bodies to the jaguars in their zoos. The skulls were displayed on huge skull racks on platforms for all to see. Death was glorified and considered necessary to keep the sun rising every day. The warriors often skinned their victims and wore the skins, going around asking for alms for a few days afterwards. There are statues and murals by native artists from those days of this gory practice. The gory brutality is almost unimaginable! Unbelievable! But true, none-the-less. Please read that book I mentioned above "The Conquest of New Spain" by Bernal Diaz.

I see in fact many similarities to that time and our own government and elites, as well as to the genocidal brutality of the Israeli government against the Palestinian people in a quest to steal that land for a racist Jewish state. Our own government has covertly brutalized many innocent people with US-subsidized "terrorist" guerilla warfare down in Central America and supported brutal governments such as Pinochet's in Chile. It doesn't stop there, of course. US-backed Israel has been massacring non-Jewish Palestinians in their own homeland of Palestine, systematically wiping it off the map, ever since 1948 when the UN immorally created the Jewish state of Israel with no regard for the native people already living there. As many of you now know, it is highly possible that 911 was an inside job orchestrated by our own government, certain elites and possibly Israelis. The most memorable image of 911 was the attack on and collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, especially the twin towers, and the 3000 plus innocent people who were thus sacrificed in order to appease the war-mongering neocons' lust for advancing an empire into the Middle East and to fool the American public into supporting this foolhardy, immoral and ruthless imperialist adventure.

Well, how interesting that in the capital of the Aztec empire which was Tenochtitlan (today you can still see remnants of it in the center of Mexico City behind the Zocalo), the biggest pyramid was topped by two twin temples, each devoted to the two main gods of the Aztecs. Their most important god was The God of War: Huitzilpochtli. Second in line was the God of Rain (earth's fertility): Tlaloc. This pyramid, with its twin temples, was the site of the most ritual human sacrifices ever in the history of mankind, with the emphasis on "ritual". Otherwise, many millions of people, many innocent people too, were killed as the result of World War I and World War II and during the Russian Revolution for examples. Whether "ritual" or just flat-out warfare (another kind of "ritual" for some), ruthless killing for the immoral gain of primarily the elite and their henchmen, simply will not and cannot be tolerated by the majority of everyday people of the world, who want to live in peace with liberty and justice for all. Corrupt empires will always implode, and fade out of power. The sooner the better!


If you are reading this, PLEASE do an epic film on the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 and the resulting plight of the Palestinians and how it affects the entire world today. That would be outrageously and courageously fantastic!!!! By the way, Mel, I am recognized as a leading expert by many on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and would be humbly honored to work with you as a consultant on this project, of course. Just say the word.

Yours truly,
Wendy Campbell

Anyway, I digress.

There are many parallels in Gibson's films that resonate with what is happening today, especially with regards to corrupt leaders, creating empires based on wars and sacrificing many innocents, all to satisfy the greed and power of the elite, who claim to be close to God and doing it for the peoples' sakes. We the people must speak out against war and inequalities!

Photo taken on the Sunset Strip on Sunset Boulevard in LA on 11/12/06

Nov. 12, 2006

"Occupation 101" Finally Screens At Festivals, Winning Many Awards

Mark and I went to the Artivist Film Festival's showing of the loooonnnnnggggg anticipated "Occupation 101" by Libyan-American brothers Abdallah and Sufyan Omeish, who directed "Occupation 101", which was so worth the almost FIVE hours of traffic-clogged journey from our area to LA, Hollywood Boulevard's Egyptian Theatre to be exact. We would have just made the 8pm showing in time, however it was bumped back to 10:30 and then finally to 11pm! That was actually OK as it gave us time to get a bite to eat at the famous landmark restaurant Musso and Frank Grill, which has been in business since 1919. What it lacks in sophisticated, delicious cuisine, it makes up for in atmosphere, since it seems to have all the original decor from the turn of the century. We also got to check into our hotel. Anyway, back to the film "Occupation 101"...

While we waited impatiently for them to let us into the theatre, I multi-tasked giving out postcards about my documentary "Rosa Remembers Palestine" and also the great DVD "911 Revisited" to lots of people who were also waiting in line. Once inside, I am happy to report it was a full house. The film lived up to expectations and even Mark, an often harsh critic, gave it two thumbs up. Truly, it is an excellent documentary WORTHY of an Academy nomination for Best Documentary. But what are the chances of that in Zionist Jewish-dominated Hollywood?

For those of you who don't know, the film is about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and provides some much needed background and the historical and current context of the conflict--- something the Zionized-Judaized US mainstream media does NOT do. Most Americans have been trained by the media to think of Israel as the poor, little victim that is merely trying to defend itself from "the terrorists", as they collectively dub the Palestinian people. The media is GUILTY of perpetrating a campaign of massive deception against the American people in order to foster support for the "only democracy in the Middle East" Israel--- when in all Truth, Israel has been a racist, ethnic-cleansing, apartheid, genocidal, anti-democratic, thieving, murderous, lying, terrorist rogue country since the day it was created in 1948 with NO regard for the indigenous non-Jewish people already living there, who were the natural MAJORITY of Palestine at the time. At any rate, this film "Occupation 101" is a must-see for ALL Americans of ALL creeds, races, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds, because we all need to take action to stop our government from supporting Israel as a Jewish state: that is a completely racist concept and it's the root cause of all the terror on both sides. We here in the US have fair housing laws that outlaw ANY kind of discrimination towards anyone, YET Israel has been demolishing Palestinian homes since the day Israel was created, stealing the Palestinians' land and properties, and LYING about it to the world! Meanwhile, "our" government has been funnelling BILLIONS of our tax dollars every year to the terrorist state of Israel, which is committing crimes against humanity every day against non-Jews in Palestine-Israel. This film will help the American people understand the dire situation which has escalated into war against all of Israel's self-made enemies, since Israel has been expropriating the land and the resources of non-Jews in the area, and killing many non-Jews in the process.

Alison Weir, of the excellent organization If Americans Knew,( was one of the narrators featured in the film and was also in attendance. She participated in the Q & A panel afterwards. We only got to wave at her, and she waved and smiled back. We left halfway into the Q & A session, since it was 1:30 am and we were tired! Before the film, Mark took a photo of me with the film's director Sufyan Omeish, which was a thrill and an honor. The two brothers Sufyan and Abdallah Omeish are still $30,000 in debt so if you want to contribute to their film or buy the DVDs, please check out for ways to help them out with these expenses and help them to spread the word. This film will certainly be very helpful in educating the American public about the Palestine-Israel conflict and so this is certainly a most worthy cause! Please support the Artivist Film Festival as well:

Nov. 8, 2006

OK, so "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" is not a movie (yet), but it should be! (Psst!...ARE YOU LISTENING, HOLLYWOOD?)

Hi All,

Just a little note to share a bit about our trip to New York. We saw the excellent play "My Name Is Rachel Corrie", based on Rachel Corrie's own writings, which was directed by British actor Alan Rickman, and is playing at the Minetta Lane Theatre in a very cool part of Greenwich Village in NYC through to the end of December. Although as usual the Zionist Jewish groups and individuals tried to shut it down, fortunately freedom of speech and justice prevailed. These people should learn that Americans will always rebel against their freedoms being trespassed upon, and it will not be tolerated.

The play starred an extremely talented young actress by the name of Megan Dodds. An interesting interview of her in London where the play first ran can be found at this website:

We sat next to Megan Dodds later quite accidentally at the Minetta Street Tavern and got to talk with her a little bit. She firmly believes in the message that Rachel Corrie brought to the world's attention, stating "I think New York is ready for the message this play brings." We totally agree, and ditto that for all of Americans. We appreciate Megan's courage in taking on such a role. She has starred in Hollywood feature films with the likes of Drew Barrymore and Ray Liotta. I hope that Jewish Zionist-dominated Hollywood does not try to thwart her career from really taking off. Hollywood is very political and often pushes its Zionist agenda in most movies they make, sometimes subtley and sometimes not.

By the way, Vanessa Redgrave financed the play!!! She is remarkable!! She also financed a film back in the 70's entitled "The Palestinians" and she was demonized and got blacklisted by the Zionists for doing so. It was before the days of DVDs or else I'd LOVE to order it. She went around wearing a kaffiyeh way back when before it was hip to do so. God bless her.

We also met Michael Santamauro of Reporter's Notebook,( a website primarily concerned with the Jewish Holocaust and other Jewish issues, and Judy Andreas, a Christian of Jewish heritage and a regular columnist at, at the Spring Street Natural, a fun restaurant in Soho. It was GREAT to meet them in person after talking with them on the phone frequently and e-mail exchanges. We also met Michael's wife, who is hip to the cause, for some drinks and Chinese food late in the evening.

At any rate, I gave the play and Megan Dodd's performance in "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" a standing ovation, along with many others in the audience. Mark, ever the critic, simply applauded, confiding to me later that he thought it was rather milk-toast. However, not only was Dodd's performance very strong, but just the fact that the play is actually happening thrills me. Sure, it could have been more hard-hitting, but as it was, many in the audience were visibly very moved. The cat is out of the bag and it's not going back in.

I wish a big-time feature film would be made about Rachel Corrie's life and her mission in the Gaza Strip, but I doubt if Jewish -dominated Hollywood will get around to that one. Of course, they are gearing up to do a feature film on the slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. So typical of Hollywood. As if Daniel Pearl was doing anything other than trying to further his career. As if that was in any way, shape or form somehow noble or worth making a film about. And by the way, if it's true that Daniel Pearl was going there merely to find out "why they hate us", it just goes to show how in utter and complete denial he was. Obviously, Hollywood's spin on Pearl as the noble, innocent victim serves the typical Zionist propaganda of constantly demonizing Muslims, and ignoring Jewish Zionist aggression against Muslims ever since the birth of Zionism in the late 1890's and especially with the creation of the Jewish state of Israel which has been in the business of ruthlessly ethnically cleansing and persecuting indigenous non- Jews ever since 1948 using our tax dollars to do so. And of course there were the Crusades way back when. All of which brings us up to why Rachel Corrie was in Gaza to begin with: protesting the immoral persecution of the indigenous people of Palestine and surrounding areas by Zionist Judeo-fascists and phony Christian crusaders. Of course Hollywood does not want to put a spotlight on the US-funded Jewish state of Israel's persecution of non-Jews in Palestine-Israel. No, of course not. But the cat is out of the bag and it's not going back in!!! The toothpaste is out of the tube and it's NOT going back in!!

OK. I'm finished ranting for the moment.

At any rate, please go see "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" if you get a chance. It's been extended till Dec.

For tickets call the Box Office at 212-420-8000 or Ticketmaster at 212-307-4100 Related website:



Sept. 24, 2006

Now available from Arab Film Distribution: "RIPPLES CROSS "I'm scared to death that I'm going to miss an opportunity to help people learn about this, and about themselves." - Director Mark Turner

Life is short, make it count. While teaching young students about the unreliability of western media's reporting on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, finance major Mark Turner declares that the only way to really know what is happening in the Middle East is to go and see for yourself. After suffering the loss of a close friend, Mark decides to do just that; he sells his car, buys a video camera and leaves his home in Littleton, Colorado to learn firsthand about life in the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine. RIPPLES CROSS is the astounding video record of Mark's journey into the heart of the Mid East conflict, where he and other activists confront Israeli troops at the Palestinian border, attend local rallies and protests, and are caught off-guard on a quiet city street when gunfire erupts all around them. This brave and audacious film testifies to one's ability to move boldly beyond traditional methods of political activism, while offering a call to anyone who dreams of actively working toward making our world a better place for all. This film is dedicated to all international activists who venture out into the world to stand in solidarity with the oppressed.
RIPPLES CROSS A film by Mark Turner, David Schler and Dave Wruck | USA | 98 minutes | 2005 In English, Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles DVD purchase: $24.99
To order: Call: 1-888-591-3456 Fax: (206) 322-4586 Website:

Sept. 24, 2006

For news the US media (which is dominated by Zionists and Israel-firsters) don't want you to see, check out these 4 short news video clips: Please note how the European news anchors take quite a different approach towards the Israeli propagandists! They take off the kid gloves... see for yourself. Also here, is a trailer for the very important upcoming new documentary by the pro-Palestinian rights group If Americans Knew. Check out these 4 videoclips now!

Sept. 8, 2006
Watch out for arch-Zionist extremist activist David Horowitz! (He's one of those crazy Islamophobic and Judeo-fascist Neocons with lots of money and influence and a major spreader of Zionist lies and war-mongering propaganda). Remember how vicious the Republicans were towards Clinton? They never stop. Now it's interesting to learn that the Zionist Neocons were a big part of the campaign to bring Clinton down. Probably cuz he wanted peace and justice and even invited Arafat to the White House. This gives more credence to that rumor about Monica Lewinsky being part of a covert Zionist campaign to bring Clinton down. At any rate, the Zionist propaganda/war machine never seems to stop. Read on...

Discover the Secret Right-Wing Network Behind ABC's 9/11 Deception
By Max Blumenthal
Friday 08 September 2006

Less than 72 hours before ABC's "The Path to 9/11" is scheduled to air, the network is suddenly under siege. On Tuesday, ABC was forced to concede that "The Path to 9/11" is "a dramatization, not a documentary." The film deceptively invents scenes to depict former President Bill Clinton's handling of the Al Qaeda threat.

Now, ABC claims to be is editing those false sequences to satisfy critics so the show can go on - even if it still remains a gross distortion of history. And as it does so, ABC advances the illusion that the deceptive nature of "The Path to 9/11" is an honest mistake committed by a hardworking but admittedly fumbling team of well-intentioned Hollywood professionals who wanted nothing less than to entertain America. But this is another Big Lie.

In fact, "The Path to 9/11" is produced and promoted by a well-honed propaganda operation consisting of a network of little-known right-wingers working from within Hollywood to counter its supposedly liberal bias. This is the network within the ABC network. Its godfather is far right activist David Horowitz (NOTE: he is a total Zionist Neocon extremist activist of the first degree), who has worked for more than a decade to establish a right-wing presence in Hollywood and to discredit mainstream film and TV production. On this project, he is working with a secretive evangelical religious right group founded by The Path to 9/11's director David Cunningham that proclaims its goal to "transform Hollywood" in line with its messianic vision.

Before The Path to 9/11 entered the production stage, Disney/ABC contracted David Cunningham as the film's director. Cunningham is no ordinary Hollywood journeyman. He is in fact the son of Loren Cunningham, founder of the right-wing evangelical group Youth With A Mission (YWAM). The young Cunningham helped found an auxiliary of his father's group called The Film Institute (TFI), which, according to its mission statement, is "dedicated to a Godly transformation and revolution TO and THROUGH the Film and Televisionindustry." As part of TFI's long-term strategy, Cunningham helped place interns from Youth With A Mission's "global training network" in film industry jobs "so that they can begin to impact and transform Hollywood from the inside out," according to a YWAM report.

Last June, Cunningham's TFI announced it was producing its first film, mysteriously titled "Untitled History Project." "TFI's first project is a doozy," a newsletter to YWAM members read. "Simply being referred to as: The Untitled History Project, it is already being called the television event of the decade and not one second has been put to film yet. Talk about great expectations!" (A web edition of the newsletter was mysteriously deleted yesterday but has been cached on Google at the link above).

The following month, on July 28, the New York Post reported that ABC was filming a mini-series "under a shroud of secrecy" about the 9/11 attacks. "At the moment, ABC officials are calling the miniseries 'Untitled Commission Report' and producers refer to it as the 'Untitled History Project,'" the Post noted.

Early on, Cunningham had recruited a young Iranian-American screenwriter named Cyrus Nowrasteh to write the script of his secretive "Untitled" film. Not only is Nowrasteh an outspoken conservative, he is also a fervent member of the emerging network of right-wing people burrowing into the film industry with ulterior sectarian political and religious agendas, like Cunningham.

Nowrasteh's conservatism was on display when he appeared as a featured speaker at the Liberty Film Festival (LFF), an annual event founded in 2004 to premier and promote conservative-themed films supposedly too "politically incorrect" to gain acceptance at mainstream film festivals. This June, while The Path to 9/11 was being filmed, LFF founders Govindini Murty and Jason Apuzzo - both friends of Nowrasteh - announced they were "partnering" with right-wing activist David Horowitz. Indeed, the 2006 LFF is listed as "A Program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center."

Since the inauguration of Bill Clinton in 1992, Horowitz has labored to create a network of politically active conservatives in Hollywood. His Hollywood nest centers around his Wednesday Morning Club, a weekly meet-and-greet session for Left Coast conservatives that has been graced with speeches by the likes of Newt Gingrich, Victor Davis Hanson and Christopher Hitchens. The group's headquarters are at the offices of Horowitz's Center for the Study of Popular Culture, a "think tank" bankrolled for years with millions by right-wing sugardaddies like eccentric far right billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife. (Scaife financed the Arkansas Project, a $2.3 million dirty tricks operation that included paying sources for negative stories about Bill Clinton that turned out to be false.)

With the LFF now under Horowitz's control, his political machine began drumming up support for Cunningham and Nowrasteh's "Untitled" project, which finally was revealed in late summer as "The Path to 9/11." Horowitz's PR blitz began with an August 16 interview with Nowrasteh on his FrontPageMag webzine. In the interview, Nowrasteh foreshadowed the film's assault on Clinton's record on fighting terror. "The 9/11 report details the Clinton's administration's response - or lack of response - to Al Qaeda and how this emboldened Bin Laden to keep attacking American interests," Nowrasteh told FrontPageMag's Jamie Glazov. "There simply was no response. Nothing."

A week later, ABC hosted LFF co-founder Murty and several other conservative operatives at an advance screening of The Path to 9/11. (While ABC provided 900 DVDs of the film to conservatives, Clinton administration officials and objective reviewers from mainstream outlets were denied them.) Murty returned with a glowing review for FrontPageMag that emphasized the film's partisan nature. "'The Path to 9/11' is one of the best, most intelligent, most pro-American miniseries I've ever seen on TV, and conservatives should support it and promote it as vigorously as possible," Murty wrote. As a result of the special access granted by ABC, Murty's article was the first published review of The Path to 9/11, preceding those by the New York Times and LA Times by more than a week.

Murty followed her review with a blast email to conservative websites such as Liberty Post and Free Republic on September 1 urging their readers to throw their weight behind ABC's mini-series. "Please do everything you can to spread the word about this excellent miniseries," Murty wrote, "so that 'The Path to 9/11' gets the highest ratings possible when it airs on September 10 & 11! If this show gets huge ratings, then ABC will be more likely to produce pro-American movies and TV shows in the future!"

Murty's efforts were supported by Appuzo, who handles LFF's heavily-trafficked blog, Libertas. Appuzo was instrumental in marketing The Path to 9/11 to conservatives, writing in a blog post on September 2, "Make no mistake about what this film does, among other things: it places the question of the Clinton Administration's culpability for the 9/11 attacks front and center ... Bravo to Cyrus Nowrasteh and David Cunningham for creating this gritty, stylish and gripping piece of entertainment."

When a group of leading Senate Democrats sent a letter to ABC CEO Robert Iger urging him to cancel The Path to 9/11 because of its glaring factual errors and distortions, Apuzzo launched a retaliatory campaign to paint the Democrats as foes of free speech. "Here at LIBERTAS we urge the public to make noise over this, and to demand that Democrats back down," he wrote on September 7th. "What is at stake is nothing short of the 1st Amendment." At FrontPageMag, Horowitz singled out Nowrasteh as the victim. "The attacks by former president Bill Clinton, former Clinton Administration officials and Democratic US senators on Cyrus Nowrasteh's ABC mini-series "The Path to 9/11" are easily the gravest and most brazen and damaging governmental attacks on the civil liberties of ordinary Americans since 9/11," Horowitz declared.

Now, as discussion grows over the false character of The Path to 9/11, the right-wing network that brought it to fruition is ratcheting up its PR efforts. Murty will appear tonight on CNN's Glenn Beck show and The Situation Room, according to Libertas in order to respond to "the major disinformation campaign now being run by Democrats to block the truth about what actually happened during the Clinton years."

While this network claims its success and postures as the true victims, the ABC network suffers a PR catastrophe. It's almost as though it was complacent about an attack on its reputation by a band of political terrorists.

News from Malibu (8/7/06):

MarWen Media Speaks Out in Support of Mel Gibson

Warning: There are some Indymedias that have FALSE versions of this article (and some of my other articles). Zionist Jewish activists have taken this article, inserted racist language, signed MY name and then posted it at some Indymedias. Although I have written to the editors at these Indymedia requesting that they completely delete the phony post(s), instead of merely hiding it (them), some of these so-called "editors" have refused to cooperate, in particular the Santa Barbara Indymedia. In this way, they are aiding the Zionist cyber-terrorists who try to discredit me and my legitimate criticism of Zionism and Jewish Politics. By the way, not all Jews are Zionists. Many are opposed to Zionism, but unfortunately mainstream Jewish Politics IS dominated by Zionism. By the way, I want to express my sincere thanks to the anonymous person(s) who has (have) written anonymous articles informing naive indymedia readers on my behalf that some of my articles have been tampered with at some indymedias. THANK YOU!!! Fortunately many people can figure it out on their own. Nobody would write those kinds of racist things these days as far as I know, even if they believed it, which I truly don't. Most people can figure out on their own that it's a deceptive ploy used by nefarious evil-doers who want to try and discredit the tellers of Truth and believers of equality for all, such as we at MarWen Media.

Wendy Campbell and Mark Green went to Malibu to show support for Mel Gibson

We were going to LA for the weekend anyway to celebrate Wendy's birthday (she is now officially part of Le Club 55!), but the main focus became investigating and showing support for Mel Gibson. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I, Wendy Campbell, was able to find out exactly where Mel Gibson's church was up high in the hills of the magical land of Malibu.

We had a late lunch Friday at the Moonshadows Restaurant, on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, where Mel had a few drinks just before he got busted famously for a DUI by Officer Mee, who is indeed a Jewish policeman, who apparently had a political ax to grind with Mel. Many Jewish people and groups seek revenge against Mel not only because of his epic movie "The Passion", but also because his father, Hutton Gibson, has publicly challenged certain aspects of the dreaded Holocaust subject matter, a quasi religious dogma (Holocaust Fundamentalism used for politically ambitious reasons) that most Jewish groups insist that everyone, including all non-Jewish Americans must subscribe to and pay penance for without any questioning or further independent research. Obviously, being staunch believers of freedom of speech and thought, we at MarWen Media are opposed to any dogma being tyrannically imposed on Americans without question. We feel that Americans did their part in WWII to help liberate all the Jews and others inside concentration camps and we shouldn't be hit over the head everyday for the rest of our lives for not doing enough, especially as we witness the Jewish state of Israel continue its brutal ethnic cleansing campaign against non-Jews in Palestine-Israel as well as in Lebanon, using BILLIONS of our tax dollars every year to do so.

Anyway, I highly recommend Moonshadows as a wonderful spot to dine, as it is literally right on top of the crashing waves of the blue Pacific, where we were treated to seeing sea lions and dolphins frolic idyllicly before us. The owner of Moonshadows and the staff are also very friendly and attentive. They declined to say anything about Mel at all, which we totally respected.

Then we headed up to find Mel's religious compound. After a couple of false tries, ending up in people's driveways, we went finally went up a driveway, past a "No Trespassing" sign up to where a large building was being constructed. A man came out to meet us and he introduced himself as a construction worker. He would not accept our CARE package for Mel, which included some of our DVDs, a sympathy letter, a "Rosa Remembers Palestine" postcard, Mark's article "Mel's Real Crime: Not Loving Jews UNCONDITIONALLY" which has been published on and many other websites, and a printout of a "Mel Gibson for President 2008" bumper sticker. He firmly pointed out to us that we had to leave the premises. So, we did, of course. But then we stopped off at The Rock Cafe, just down the road, and dropped off some "Rosa Remembers Palestine" postcards there. I talked to the couple that owns the cafe and they confirmed that there was a mass held every Sunday there in the smaller chapel, and they said it was at 10 am. Bingo! I am a Roman Catholic and a big fan of Mel's and had a mission to complete (giving him our CARE package) so I felt I had a legitimate right to attend that mass, if at all possible.

So, the next morning we made the long drive from our hotel on the Sunset Strip, all the way back to Mel's chapel. After I dropped off Mark at The Rock Cafe (Mark isn't Roman Catholic, and was not comfortable in accompanying me on my mission), I drove back up the driveway, past the security and parked in the crowded parking lot. The worshippers spilled over into the outside of the church. Everyone was very, very quiet. At first I sat outside with the overflow crowd, but then I decided to go inside and even stand if I had to, in order to have the full experience. It was a very simple chapel, and again, the sense of quiet meditation was there inside as well. The traditional Catholic mass is practiced in only Latin. I remember the Latin Catholic masses from my childhood with great affection. I always liked the added mystery that Latin added to the experience of the mass, and enjoyed deciphering the Latin words and comparing them against the English words in my missal.

To my surprise, the mass ended only about ten minutes after I had arrived. Apparently, the mass had started at 9am. I turned to the man beside me and asked him if he would give my CARE package to Mel, and he said he would. I had to trust him. He seemed sincere.

I went back down the winding driveway, and noticed a cameraman standing there at the side of the road opposite the end of the driveway. I stopped the car, got out and went up to him, and then asked him who he was with. He told me Entertainment TV (E! TV). I asked him if he would like to interview me. He seemed to be delighted to do so. He gave me the E! TV microphone and told me to say whatever I wanted to and so I gave him my usual lecture about how Israel is a racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing state not worthy of our US tax dollars, and that Israel and Israel-firsters are primarily to blame for the wars in the Middle East, and told him that I support Mel Gibson's right to his legitimate opinion, even if it came out in an undignified manner. I ended it with "We love Mel Gibson!!!" He loved it. Now let's see if I make it on the show tonight (August 7 on E! TV, NBC, 7pm PST) or end up on the editing floor. Being that the Zionized US media almost always hides any criticism of Israel, I doubt if I will be seen giving my speech on E! TV tonite. But miracles can happen...

Then, I went back to The Rock Cafe, and there were at least a hundred motorcyles parked in front of it! It was amazing. And all the bikers were happily enjoying Sunday brunch under the trees and in the cafe. I finally located Mark, in white cotton and a straw Havana hat, sitting inside at the counter reading the LA Times, looking slightly out of place in the midst of all that sea of black leather! We retreated to a table outside and I enjoyed my eggs and coffee while taking in the unusual (for me) ambiance. It was really quite fun. Then as we were leaving, we heard one of Hollywood's most famous bikers was having a conversation under a big oak tree. There he was, Jay Leno, and, like a moth to a flame, I went over to introduce myself. I gave him one of my "Rosa Remembers Palestine" postcards, and suggested to him that I should be a guest on his show--- joking that if I was, he might not be allowed to have another show anymore ever. (Ha Ha). He was very kind and looked at the postcard I gave him, and said mildly that "We usually don't do news", to which I replied, "But this is on everyone's minds" and then someone else came up and started talking to him. I gave him an appreciative pat on his shoulder, a little smile and bid adieu. I hope I made an impression! I can just visualize it now..."Ring Ring": "Hello, this is Wendy." "Wendy, this is Jay." "Jay?" "Jay Leno, The Tonight Show. We met at The Rock Cafe.". "Oh, JAY!! How ARE you?" "Great! Just wanted to know if you can make it next week to LA to appear on my show?" "That'd be great, Jay!! You can count on me to be there! I look forward to it!"

I sure know how to fantasize, eh? Hey, he's from Massachusetts just like me! We've got lots in common...

So, then later that afternoon, we met up with Mark Weber of the IHR (Institute for Historical Review) and his girlfriend and her son, since they live in LA and we enjoy catching up with them now and then. We met at a hip diner, the 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood on Franklin Street at Vista del Mar. The Institute for Historical Review is especially famous for its courageous leadership in Holocaust Revisionism, researching all the events in and around the Jewish experience in Europe during WWII. It has been the target of Jewish extremist terrorist groups, such as the Jewish Defense League, who have tried to intimidate them, even with bombs and fires. While Mark Weber, Mark Green and I do not agree on many things about the Holocaust, 9-11, Israel, immigration and Palestine, we all respect and support the right of freedom of speech and thought with regards to everything, within reason. We do not tolerate hate crimes, such as what Israel and "our" government are doing right now to the non-Jewish Arab people in the Middle East using our tax dollars. This cannot be tolerated! Don't get me going...

It was a very interesting trip to the magical land of Malibu and Hollywoodland. Hopefully, it was also a productive trip.


News from Malibu (7/31/06):

Mel Speaks His Mind While Busted for DUI -- And Gets Crucified AGAIN...

We are big fans of Mel Gibson, the courageous director of "The Passion of Christ", and we regret that he was busted for a DUI and now he is being crucified AGAIN (last time it was because The Usual Censors didn't like his film "The Passion"), this time because he happened to rant about what was on his mind, which is what is on the minds of many of us especially now, with regards to who is largely responsible for the horrible crimes against humanity taking place in the Middle East.

The main culprit in the "war on terror" is Israel "the Jewish state" and its ally "our" government. Israel is a racist Jewish state that has been methodically, systematically and continually ethnically-cleansing non-Jews from Palestine and parts of its neighboring countries including Lebanon and Syria. The US-led war on Iraq is really all about supporting Israel's imperialistic ambitions, not the US's. It's a war by proxy, being fought by the US because Israel, Israel-supporters in our government and the Jewish Lobby demand it, using OUR tax dollars. Whatever the Israel-firsters demand, apparently they get. And it's wrong! Hey, Mr. President Bush, look in the mirror! YOU are the major evil-doer by doing Israel's bidding even though it is bad for everyone else!

Our prayers go out to Mel Gibson. Believe it or not, Abe Foxman of the ADL is threatening Mel Gibson with a hate-crime! Well, Mr. Foxman, what do you call what your favorite country Israel has been doing to non-Jews? Now, THOSE are REAL hate-crimes! And, yes, Mr. Foxman, those hate-crimes against non-Jews in the Holy Land will have its consequences. While Foxman whines about some words uttered by a man in utter frustration and an inebriated state of mind, Foxman condones the atrocities and crimes against humanity that Israel has been committing against non-Jews not only in the last few days, but the past years, even decades, going back to even shortly before 1948 when the Jewish state was unilaterally created with complete disregard to the human rights of the native non-Jewish peoples there. What a complete and utter hypocrite and racist Mr. Foxman is!

Thank God not all Jews share Mr. Abe Foxman's views, as you can see by the many honest and courageous articles written by righteous Jewish human rights activists that we feature on our articles page here at MarWen Media, such as Jeffrey Blankfort, Leland Lehrman, Gilad Atzmon, and many others. God Bless Mel Gibson! God Bless the Truth Tellers!

Here are some photos from our fantastic trip to the Cannes Film Festival 2006, Monaco, St. Tropez, Paris and more.

Wendy and Mark of MarWen Media at the Cannes Film Festival!

Here I am, Wendy Campbell, having arrived at the Nice Airport on the first day of the Cannes Film Festival on May 17! What a thrill! Sidney Portier was on our plane! He was our first celebrity spotting. On the way to our hotel in Cannes, Bocca de Cannes to be exact, we stopped off for lunch at the fabulous Eden Roc Hotel. On our way out after finishing our delicious lunch accompanied by some of the ubiquitous local rose wine, we walked right by Ron Howard, director of "The Da Vinci Code"!
Wendy Campbell and Mark Green at a Parisian cafe in the 8th Arrondissement: St. Germaine-des-Pres.
Here we are on the second story of the famed French icon The Eiffel Tower, just before having dinner at the fabulous Jules Vernes Restaurant (where Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes!). What a view! The great thing about dining at Jules Verne is that you get to go up to the second observation deck in a private elevator, thereby passing by a mile-long line of tourists! Magnifique!
We were lucky to be in Monaco the day they were doing the trial runs of the Grand Prix. This was towards the end of the race when they were slowing down. Otherwise, it was impossible to get a photo! The noise was exhilarating at first but then gets to grind on your ears. Thank God for ear plugs! The roar of the engines were a cross between raging electric guitars and bagpipes mixed in with roaring engines, shifting gears, whirling around you as the racecars zoomed along the race course! VaVooom!
OOoo La la! Here's to la dolce vita! A glass of champagne at one of the international tents along the Cannes Beach at the Cannes Film Festival. Viva la France!
This is the view from the International tents area of the Film Festival: La Croisette, with the flags of many of the countries represented in the festival lining the beach.
Here, I'm just loving the party on one of the yacht parties we crashed. This one was hosted by a group of posh British film-makers and producers. Charming group of people! The oysters and rose champagne were much appreciated! Cheers!
Here's the scene outside the main theatre featuring the opening of one of the headlining films. We spotted Andie MacDowell, the one celebrity we recognized that evening. Actually, the crowd was quite docile, and certainly many of them were fabulously dressed! The paparazzi were out in full force and took photos of anyone who exuded any glamor at all, including me! How sweet!
No scene is complete without protesters, and the Cannes Film Festival is no exception! I totally agree with these protesters--- EVERYONE should be included in the film world, and EVERYONE'S point of view should be heard, within reason! Unfortunately, obviously SOME PEOPLE dominate the film industry, always push THEIR point of view and marginalize or completely suppress OTHER peoples' points of view. There must be equal opportunity and affirmative action in the world of media FOR SURE! The world of media has to be far more INCLUSIVE and TOLERANT!

MarWen Media's Hot Picks!

Check out this website which has some great DVDs about what really happened on 911 and much more...

Great Documentary! Proof that Hollywood is dominated by Jewish forces (with an agenda):
This excellent documentary "The Last Mogul: The Life and Times of Lew Wasserman" by Canadian director Barry Avrich tells it like it is. We doubt if the documentary would have been distributed at all if it was made by anyone who was not Jewish. As it is, it was still not widely shown. That's probably because it tells the truth about Jewish domination of Hollywood, from its inception up to today. It reveals many fascinating facts and puts the faces on film to connect all dots in a very illuminating way. See for yourself how embedded Hollywood is in American government, for instance. Lew Wasserman basically put Ronald Reagan into the American presidency, for instance. Wasserman's motto was "Dress British, think Yiddish". Fascinating documentary.

You can buy it via this link at Amazon, but note how it won't actually be available until August 2006. Also note how it is not being shown at theatres anymore (just do a google search and see for yourself!). Could it be that those who dominate both the media and government in this country think that this documentary is too revealing?

Word has it that the Wasserman family was opposed to the making (and distribution) of the film, and other Israel-firster political groups as well want to prevent wide distribution.

Here's a quote from an article on it found on the internet: "Everybody knows that dead men don't tell tales, but such was the fear and respect Wasserman commanded, he somehow discouraged the living from telling any, too. "The depth and breadth of his power did not seem to die with him," says Barry Avrich, the director of The Last Mogul: The Life and Times of Lew Wasserman. "Although he was not a powerful man when he died, afterward his power seemed to escalate. Why else would 60 people not co-operate with this project? Why else would I get a message on my cellphone from someone saying, 'We recommend you stop making this film'? Why else would we walk out of Nate and Al's [a famous Beverly Hills deli that counted Wasserman among its patrons] and there'd be a car following us? There was no question he was somewhat able to edit the film from beyond the grave." Apparently, he was not quite able to edit it sufficiently for some!

Editor's Note: The latest news is that the former distributor for this film, ThinkFilm, which we paid a visit to at the Cannes Film Festival, told us that they handed it back to Barry Avrich and his own company Endeavor.Probably too hot for them to handle. NO DOUBT! By the way, you should rent the Hollywood film "Wag the Dog" which features Dustin Hoffman playing a character based on Lew Wasserman-- and the film, fiction-based-on-fact, shows how Hollywood and Washington, DC often work closely together, hand-in-hand. We all know that by now, right?? Check it out!
Buy it now here:

"Palestine is Still the Issue"- and this documentary proves it beyond a doubt!:
This is too hot for even PBS to show. Why? Because if every American saw this film,by Australian director John Pilger, the majority of them would be shocked about the truth about what our government is supporting in Israel-Palestine with our tax dollars: the brutal persecution of the non-Jewish Palestinian people in an on-going ethnic cleansing campaign by the Israeli government in their endeavor to have a Jewish supremacist "Greater Israel". It is indeed shocking footage with a powerful message that our US mainstream media hides every day from view purposefully to keep Americans uninformed and blindly supporting apartheid Israel with billions of our tax dollas yearly, against our own best interests, including world peace. Order it via this link (note: there are special discounts for activists):

"America: From Freedom to Facism" a NEW movie from Aaron Russo, distributed by Cinema Libre International, 8328 De Soto Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91304; Phone: 818-349-8822
"Determined to find the law that requires American citizens to pay income tax, producer Aaron Russo ("The Rose", "Trading Places") set out on a journey to find the evidence. Neither left nor right-wing, this startling examination of government exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America since 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was fraudulently created. Through interviews with two U.S. Congressment, former IRS Commissioner and former IRS and FBI agents, tax attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money creation, federal income tax, and the national identity card, which becomes law in May 2008 and will use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. This is a precusor to an impending police state in America." -- From their brochure obtained at the Cannes Film Festival.

"Loose Change" Still believe the "official" version of what happened on 9-11? It's time you finally saw what everyone is talking about: Avery Dylan's fast-paced, thorough investigation of what really happened on 9-11: "Loose Change, 2nd Edition". More than 100,000 DVDs have been ordered, way more more people have seen it. Everyone is talking about it. YOU MUST SEE THIS DVD! You owe it to yourself and to your country--- indeed to the world. What are you waiting for?? Check it out now! Then take action to bring justice. and


Some hot picks we saw at the Cannes Film Festival 2006:

Keep your eyes open for these films--Maybe you can rent them from Netflix if they don't make it into a theater near you:

"Civic Duty", a film out of Canada by Jeff Renfroe; Intandem Films; Mark and I enjoyed this film quite a bit, although it got off to a rather slow start. Somewhere just before the middle it really started to pick up pace and become a very decent suspense thriller, with some believability to it. We were not thrilled with the second ending (you'll see what we mean) however, overall it was not only entertaining, but a thought-provoking tale of what sometimes happens when ordinary citizens become vigilantes and take matters into their own hands. Hint: it involved 9-11, "the war on terror", Americans and Middle Easterners living in America.

"Dresden - The Inferno", a film out of Germany, by director Roland Suso Richter; Beta Cinema. They should have called it "Dresden - The Holocaust" but that would upset you-know-who... Anyway, this is a Steven Spielberg-style quality film that was totally amazing. The special effects were awesome! It tells the story of a mixed group of people caught up in the tragedy that was foisted upon them by the circumstances of WWII. It shows the true complexity of the situation, unlike most Zionized Hollywood movies that paint all Germans and Nazis during WWII as subhuman monsters, when the fact is there is always a wide variety of people no matter where you look, even amongst Zionists in Israel. There are always some good, some bad and some in-between people. This is a thrilling and moving drama about the incineration of the German city of Dresden between February 13 and 15, 1945, when Allied Forces pounded the entire city with comprehensive blanket bombings towards the end of WWII. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed and their city was left in rubble. There are memorable characters here, especially the young German nurse named Anna played by Felicitas Woll, who should win an Oscar for her amazing performance, but of course Americans will most not likely be even seeing this film in a theater near them, since Hollywood only wants to distribute films that depict Germans of that time as all bad people. However in this film, Anna's best girlfriend is a German woman madly in love with her Jewish husband, whom Anna aids. Anna, who is almost engaged to a fellow German doctor, falls for an English pilot who has sought medical aid, while pretending to be a German. Generally in life, everything is not black and white, and there are always at least two sides to a story, but unfortunately not in American media thanks to the omnipresent Thought Police. At any rate, the movie is quite gripping and also depicts a part of history that is generally completely overlooked in American culture: the plight of German civilian people in the city of Dresden, which has finally been restored to some of its former glory.

"Friendly Fire" a film by Gary Null. We thought this was quite moving and very informative. Every American should see it, even if it isn't a "fun" film, OH FAR FROM IT. From their ad in the official Cannes Film Guide: "The U.S. sent soldiers to Iraq - little did these soldiers know that their own government would inflict greater harm upon them than the enemy by exposing them to deadly chemicals, depleted uranium and radiation - all causing severe and often irreversible health problems and death while the government denies all. Award winning filmmaker Gary Null exposes the truth about the War in Iraq, Gulf War Syndrome and the secrets the U.S. government is hiding from their soldiers and the world at large." Hey, guys & gals serving in the armed forces, if you don't care about the Iraqis, do you at least care about yourselves and your future children??

MarWen Media Endeavors to Point Out Media Bias in Newspapers, on TV and Hollywood Movies...

We are horrified by what passes for acceptable language in mainstream media and our government towards the Muslim and Arab peoples of the world. What it amounts to is truly hate speech and crimes against humanity.