On Pride, White and Otherwise: My Response to Someone Inquiring About My Position on “White Pride”
by Wendy Campbell




First of all, I believe "We are all One". Think upon this and you will feel instant peace.
We, meaning all people, no matter what our creed, our race, or gender: WE ARE ALL ONE.

I believe in the richness of diversity and multi-culturalism and completely equal rights for all. At the same time, I believe everyone should try to take pride in themselves, if they do good.

I see no reason why people shouldn't marry anyone they want to marry. Someone may fall in love with someone from another race or religion, and want to marry that person: if that is their choice it should be respected and accepted. Someone else may want to only marry someone who shares the same racial, social, and religious background. That's fine too. One can be proud of one's own self and their significant other as well, whether with similar backgrounds or not.

There is nothing wrong with Black Pride, White Pride, Jewish Pride, Indian Pride, Gay Pride, Chinese Pride, Italian Pride and so on... in fact , it is good to be self-affirming and to be positive about yourself no matter who you are, unless you are doing bad things or allowing others to do bad things, especially in your name or with your money. One needs to respect others as well, whether or not one shares a similar background. I’m OK- You’re OK. Striving for Win-Win situations. This is healthy.

These days, however, Zionism is the invisible, and accepted, even "kosher" racism. I don't believe our government should be supporting the ethnocentric Jewish supremacist state of Israel which was created when White Europeans and Americans decided to give away land that was NOT theirs to give away in the first place to Eastern European Zionist Jews for a Jewish state, at the expense of the non-Jewish indigenous Palestinian people. For a very interesting and concise account of all this, I urge you to read "Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict" which can be found at www.cactus48.com.

I also believe in God's laws such as The Golden Rule: do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

No one's suffering is any more important than anyone else's suffering. Therefore, the Holocaust does NOT justify persecuting the Palestinians.

In my opinion, Jews don't really need their own country, certainly not at the expense of others. Jews do quite well where ever they live and no one I know hates Jews, but they do hate the racist ideology of Zionism and its manifestations, of war, for example.
Today, most Americans are Zionized thanks to the massive influence of Zionist Jews, in the US media, particularly. Whoever controls the media shapes public opinion--- that is why we have been lied to about Israel, because Zionist Jews want to keep American public opinion in support of the Jewish state.

However not all Jews are Zionists and conversely many Christians are Zionists.
So it can all get rather muddled.

The key thing to remember is the Golden Rule and that there must be no double standards and no special privileges for any specific group of people. We must be vigilant about our constitutional rights.

We are all one. Love is the answer. God is Love.