Will the Real Racist Please Stand Up?
By Wendy Campbell, 2003



Now that the world is on the brink of WWIII as there are those extremists who seek to polarize the West against the East, Jews and Christians against the Muslims, blacks against the whites, whites against non-whites, and so on, we need to examine exactly: who is a racist? Will the real racist please stand up?

Not surprisingly, probably no one will stand up! Not many people like to be called a racist! Racism has a very ugly ring to it. Still, some people do expose their racist tendencies in public. Some are crucified for it. Some are not. Some are actually rewarded!

For example, Senator Trent Lott recently paid a heavy price for honoring Strom Thurmond on his 100th birthday, and was forced to step down as a Repulican candidate for president. When Strom Thurmond ran for president in 1948, he had adopted a platform that said in part, "We stand for segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race".

This is a racist thing to say, as one should be able to decide for oneself whom to marry. If a politician or important public figure advocates that everyone marry within one's own religion or ethnicity, generally the alarm bells go off -- that is unless the person who says it is Jewish.

Case in point is Elliot Abrams, a staunch Zionist Jewish right-wing neo-con hawk, who was recently appointed by President Bush to head the National Security Council on Middle East affairs inside the White House. Abrams has condemned marriage between Jews and non-Jews, in a book he has written entitled "Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in Christian America" and also in public speeches. He also believes that Jewish parents should send their children to Jewish schools. Yet, there is no public outcry against Abrams for his racist views. And rather than being condemned to the sidelines in politics, Abrams was rewarded by President Bush with an influential post on Middle East affairs, in a classic case of "the fox guarding the chicken coop". AS IF Abrams will show any semblance of even-handedness or concern for any semblance of justice for the Palestinians! With Abrams in his top position, there can no longer be any doubt whatsoever that the Zionists are in complete control of the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, as well as others, the Zionist gang apparently has full control of the throttle, as well as the President himself.

In fact, Abrams is credited with assailing and pushing Washington to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital! Not only is this outrageous in terms of that it's really not UP to the United States to decide if Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, when all along, the United Nations, which unilaterally and controversially created Israel in 1948, has determined that Jerusalem is an international city to be shared by all religions. But it is also outrageous in that here we are in America, a secular democracy, and Zionist Jews are pushing their pseudo-religious Zionist agenda on the U.S. foreign policy, in trying to make the religious capital of the world, Jerusalem, solely the capital of Israel, a Jewish supremacist state. This is really playing with fire. Jerusalem is also considered sacred to Muslims, as the second holiest site in their religion, and to Christians.

Isn't it time we demand that there must separation of synagogue and state?

Now we really need to examine what the Zionists want from America. First of all, they want Americans to financially support their racist Jewish supremacist state of Israel with billions of our tax dollars every single year! The more the better! In fact, as of this moment in time on January 4, 2003, Israeli delegates are in Washington, DC negotiating for an additional $14 billion on top of the $4 billion plus our government has already given them this year. This has hardly even been mentioned in our mainstream media, yet it has been prominently reported in Israeli and British media. I think I know why. Could it be that Americans, of whom supposedly only 3% are Jewish, would not want so much of their tax dollars going to support a foreign country, never mind a racist, apartheid country like Israel that is causing loss of good will among most nations in the world towards the U.S. because of our country's support of such a country?

Especially not when we see headlines like "California Faces $21 Billion Deficit"! (Note: And even more so now that there is a domestic disaster thanks to Hurricane Katrina which is not being adequately addressed by our government!)Even Americans who could care less about justice for the Palestinians do not want to see so much of their tax dollars going to support any foreign country when our own economy, schools, healthcare and emergency systems are floundering.

Israel does nothing for the average American except TAKE our tax dollars. In fact, the last time the U.S. went to war against Iraq, Israel expected the U.S. to pay Isral $10 billion dollars for NOT helping us in that war in 1991. And, yes, the U.S. did obediently pay Israel that $10 billion dollars NOT to do anything in that war. Now the NeoCons, who we must remember are generally Isareli-Americans and always pro-Israel, are pushing our government to "give" Israel a free pipeline of oil from Iraq to Haifa, Israel, as a "special bonus" for Israel's "support" for our government's war on Iraq-- a war which NeoCons conned our government into doing expressly for Israel's "security", which many politicians even admit when addressing Jewish organizations!

And consider this: While we Americans get outraged when an American politician like Trent Lott or David Duke publicly utter comments that suggest segregation and racism, why do we support to such a huge degree a country such as Israel, whose politicians have always openly talked about Palestinians in the most racist of terms? The late Israeli Prime Minister of Tourism Zeevi publicly referred to Palestinians as "lice" and "cancer" "that has to be removed". And today in Israel, there are politicians in power whose main platform IS the "transfer" of Palestinians!

From day one of its creation, when the UN gave away land, that wasn't theirs to give away, to Eastern European Zionist Jews for their Jewish supremacist state of Israel, the Palestinians have been forcibly driven from their own homeland. This is continuing up to this present moment in time with massive aid from our compromised government. The Israeli government has been systematically making life miserable for the Palestinians in an attempt to either force them to leave voluntarily or if they resist, they are called "terrorists" and one way or another eliminated. Israel is getting away with all of this not only because of our U.S. tax dollars, but also because the U.S. is the ONLY country which unjustly vetos UN Resolutions that would put an end to this tyranny.

What Israel has been committing against the Palestinians is indeed ethnic cleansing and slow genocide. With our U.S. tax dollars. With our corrupt politicians' approval.

Many Jewish peace activists have been and continue to be very active in human rights and anti-war campaigns here in the U.S. However, all too often their fervor becomes quite tepid, or fades away altogether, when the issue of U.S. support of Israel, which is guilty of state-sponsored terrorism, comes up.

Whether it's consciously intentional or not, their fervor for equal rights and human rights seems to be very self-serving. When it comes to Israel, they cling to Jewish supremacism in Israel. One Zionist Jew admitted to me "So the Palestinians have to suffer a little", said with a decidedly self-righteous attitude.

However, I know that fortunately there are Jewish peace activists who believe exactly as I do, and completely oppose any US support of Israel as a Jewish supremacist state.

As a 4th generation Christian American woman of northern European heritage, I am dedicated to the ideals that this country was founded on, specifically, with regards to equal rights, justice and liberty for all. I remain deeply moved by the courageous actions that leaders, such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, took to ensure that our country lived up to its ideals as stated in our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. I remain similarly deeply moved when remembering when apartheid was finally ended in South Africa. Tears sometimes have filled my eyes when I think of these seemingly miraculous moments in time that have opened up hearts and hope for the future.

Now, we are facing the ugliest forms of racism again in our world today, and they are the U.S. support of racist, anti-democratic, apartheid Israel and allowing Zionism as an ideology to dominate our foreign policy. Actually, the racism upon which Israel was founded, Zionism, began to exhibit itself on the very day it was created in its ethnic cleansing campaign against the non-Jewish Palestinians, but it has been only slowly coming to our fellow Americans' attention now.

We, the people, must be vigilant about not allowing racism to once again continue to poison our world and divide us. We have come a long way. We have conquered Nazism. We have outlawed discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity and sex in this country. We pressured South Africa to transform its apartheid regime into a democratic government. Colonialism and Imperialism are on the way out almost completely. We must continue to work to outlaw discrimination and therefore end all US support for Zionist Israel and Zionism in our foreign and domestic policies.