Exit NeoConservatives, Enter NeoLiberals by Mark Green with Wendy Campbell


June 2004
Israel’s Democratic operatives in the U.S. are preparing to pick up and run with the Bush war and occupation. So be prepared for a continuation of pro-war policies if Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is elected in November. Please recall that candidate Kerry—a renowned liberal even by Massachusetts’ standards—voted nevertheless in favor of Bush’s pre-emptive war on Iraq. In addition, Kerry’s recent critiques of the Bush administration’s war policies focus primarily on strategic failures and human rights fiascoes that haunt Team Bush. So what does the Democratic presidential hopeful have to say about there being no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction or any demonstrable connection between Saddam Hussein and either 911 or Al Queda? Virtually nothing.

Further, Kerry expresses no interest in fundamentally reassessing the policies that have brought America to this precipice in the first place; additionally, he’s offered absolutely no commitment to end the discredited, multi-billion dollar invasion and occupation of Iraq. Kerry is a Company Man, willing to do it the Company Way. Like Bush, he’s committed to imposing upon the world an American Empire. In Iraq, the Democratic hopeful intends to “internationalize” the occupation, boost troop numbers (and benefits), and “destroy the terrorists”. Maybe it’s all just a clever strategy: Kerry plans to use his wooden persona and stale ideas to literally BORE the electorate into submission. No wonder America has the lowest voter turnout in the democratic world.

Even more loathsome, in a recent policy paper Candidate Kerry supported Ariel Sharon’s policies of Jewish colonization in the West Bank, de facto ethnic cleansing there, and the internationally reviled Israeli method of territorial expansion through conquest and subjugation. The Kerry candidacy therefore represents an insidious political merger. Seldom before have two candidates’ ‘stark similarities’ been so pronounced. On the question of U.S. aggression in the Middle East, the Democrats and Republicans have colluded to provide America with a ‘one party’ doctrine. Its overriding goal is simple: advance Israel’s most extreme political agendas at whatever cost.

So in the event of a Kerry victory, watch for the emergence of a new political animal: the ‘neo-liberal’.

Whereas the Kennedy wing of the Democratic Party has, at least since Viet Nam, produced predictable sound-bites about “unjust wars” etc., the insatiable demands for regional domination by Israel will inevitably require still more U.S.-subsidized incursions into the Middle East—this time with a Democratic Stamp of Approval. Why? --Because when it comes to Israel, the Democrats (like the modern Republican party) are simply unable to say “No” to the Jewish State.

Please recall that throughout the Clinton presidency the crippling sanctions imposed on Iraq are credited with killing more Iraqis than the Iraq wars of Bush Sr. and Jr. combined! According to the U.N., some 500,000 Iraqi woman and children died in the 1990’s as a direct result of U.S. sanctions. Clinton’s former Sec. Of State Madeline Albright affirmed on CBS’s “Sixty Minutes” that the extraordinary suffering in Iraq under American sanctions “was worth it.” Don’t expect a reduction of these Iron Fist policies if Democrat John Kerry is elected.

Jewish donors and activists (not to mention party bosses and a disproportionate number of candidates) basically comprise the new Democratic establishment. On the Republican side we’ve seen the emergence of Christian Zionists who, while lacking the political savvy and strategic thinking of their Jewish counterparts, compensate for this deficit by sheer numbers. It’s the Israeli-Americans however who run the show. Upon victory, watch Kerry and his phalanx of Zionist political colleagues (including Tom Lentos, Carl Levin, Henry Waxman, Ilene Ros-Lehtinen, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Nita Lowey, Joe Lieberman, and others, including Christian Zionists such as Tom DeLay and James Inhofe) morph into ‘neo-Liberals”: pro-choice, anti-tobacco, pro-affirmative action, pro-gay, pro-women’s ‘rights’—and doggedly ‘anti-terror’ (pro-war) in the Middle East.

Using variations on the ‘war on terror’ theme, watch the Dems follow the neo-conservative path towards relentless pursuit of Israel’s foes as they simultaneously forgive all Zionist sins; from ‘ethnic cleansing’ to Israel’s relentless meddling and espionage against friend and foe alike. As the election draws near, watch as even the pretense of evenhandedness towards the Arab world atrophies beneath the iron resolve of the “special relationship”.

In their cultural-political effectiveness, Israel’s countless boosters are without peer. Despite the headlines and innuendo, the oil politics of the Bush-Cheney-Halliburton clique are a mere shadow of organized Zionism’s unparalleled prowess in America’s political marketplace. Indeed, the Politics of Oil always yield before Zionist preeminence. A case in point:
the Yom Kippur war of 1973. When Israel faced defeat before the united armies of Egypt and Syria, Sec. Of State Henry Kissinger ordered America armaments flown into the Israel-occupied Sinai Peninsula, giving Israel a pivotal advantage against her Arab foes. The ensuing Arab outrage produced the great oil embargo of 1973, sending the U.S. into a debilitating recession for the better part of a decade. To this day, the vast majority of Americans make no connection between America’s partisan, pro-Israel role during that historic Middle East war, and the price surge of oil and long lines at gas stations which followed. The political details (and lessons) of that event have simply slipped into an Orwellian ‘memory hole’ by the pro-Zionist managers of American Political Memory; otherwise, voters might understand the risks and costs associated with the sacred ‘special relationship’.

In fact, America’s War on Terror is actually camouflage for our nation’s war on Israel’s enemies. That’s why the terror attack of 911 morphed so easily into a ready-made pretext for Zionized America to decimate Israel’s most intractable foe. Iraq’s ‘liberation’ turned into a military rout followed by an open-ended occupation. But now, Democracy can wait; the current buzzword is “security”. In the meantime, American brutality has been exposed and everyday Iraqis are in greater pain and turmoil now than even under Saddam Hussein. The winner? Israeli hard-liners, many of who are pushing for the construction of an oil pipeline from Iraq directly to Haifa, Israel. In the meantime, Iraq’s new, handpicked regime can enjoy discussing these and other matters of state with America’s latest Ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, who is Jewish and therefore eligible for Israeli citizenship.

America’s media culture is similarly corrupted, extending well beyond incessant Holocaust imagery or covering up the connection between Arab terrorism and unconditional U.S. aid to Israel. Consider, for instance, how major news media often accord greater coverage to the death of one Israeli soldier than a cop murdered on an American street. Similarly, American media seldom takes seriously the thousands of Iraqi or Palestinian civilians who have been, or are being, maimed and killed by allied and Israeli forces. That America’s “liberation” of Iraq is now opposed overwhelming by the very people we were recently claiming to “liberate” is barely considered news. The Big Picture, we are told, concerns stopping the irrational, fundamentalist, terrorist bogeyman, bringing ‘democracy’ to the Arab world, or freeing Muslim women from the chains of religious fundamentalism. But when the bombs drop, who really benefits? Once again it’s our ‘plucky, democratic ally’ who has managed to drag the world’s only superpower into its perpetual, ethnic-based war against its besieged regional enemies.

While the implications of this phenomenon are increasingly understood, they are still only whispered about, since a candid critique of Jewish/Zionist power in America remains our greatest taboo. Better that the New York TIMES run another “major story” about the economic disparities between African Americans and whites than it ever investigate the dark implications of entrenched Zionist advocacy at the highest spheres of American life. Where’s the call for affirmative action now?

Another telling example of America’s acquiescence towards Israeli resolve can be seen in the question of how and when the Zionist state acquired nuclear capabilities, today estimated to be between 200 to 400 warheads. How do Israel’s weapons of mass destruction affect Arab security, or global security? Or is nobody interested? One thing is clear: the very rumor that an Arab country intends to seek strategic parity with the Jewish state is enough to launch a dozen U.S. battleships.

What happened to all those righteous, New York Liberals who engineered the Civil Rights movement throughout the American South and who later became so committed to ending ‘Apartheid’ (segregation) in South Africa? Apparently, ethno-religious separation remains divinely kosher when it’s served up in Israel. These ignoble double standards are now accepted tenets of our ‘received’ political wisdom. But what is it that keeps Americans looking the other way? It may be the engineered fear of being labeled anti-Semitic for criticizing the Jewish State. Whatever its cause, the time to demand a re-examination of unconditional U.S. support for Israel has arrived.

Speaking of ‘fear’, consider these contemporary American customs: while it’s acceptable to discuss the “Jewish vote” in mainstream media, real Jewish influence comes not from their miniscule numbers (Jews allegedly comprise no more than 3% of the U.S. electorate) but from Jewish wealth, solidarity, determination and position. This extraordinary phenomenon (unless it’s being debunked) is altogether off limits for analysis. Expect CBS (or NBC-ABC-CNN-FOX) to run another “white supremacists meet in Idaho” segment, or air a story about the Vatican’s ‘failure to speak out” during The Holocaust, long before this disturbing political fact is ever even acknowledged.

Among our governing elites, this Judeo-centric worldview is so prevalent that the failure to pledge unconditional allegiance to Israel virtually assures political oblivion. Recall what happened to Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean when he expressed a desire for more “even-handedness” and balance in U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East: his candidacy almost immediately imploded. House Democrats Jim Moran, Cynthia McKinney, Earl Hilliard and others have all paid a similarly heavy price for arousing the wrath of the pro-Israel lobby. Republicans, too, face similar pressures. Former Congressman Paul Findley (R-IL)—another causality of the Israeli lobby—has written extensively on this subject. And remember that Bush Sr.—who was viewed by many in the Jewish community as “hostile to Israel”—failed in his bid for reelection in 1992, in no small part due to the tireless efforts of the ‘Israel First’ crowd. Hyper-Zionist, neo-conservative Bush Jr. has learned his lesson well.

Insiders claim that in today’s highly managed political party apparatus, party bosses customarily weed out candidates for elected office by the time they reach the level of a ‘county commissioner’ if their commitment to Israel is suspect. Israel’s unique policy of flying in elected American officials for all-expense-paid junkets to the Jewish State is just one way that they indoctrinate our representatives and gauge their Zionist bona fides. In the words of former Congressman Findlay, “the Israelis never sleep”.

Whatever your politics, the discriminatory basis of Zionism is simply an unworkable add-on to the American ideals of equal treatment before the law, a ‘color-blind’ democracy, and the separation of church (synagogue) and state. By contrast, ethnic and religious discrimination are essential to Zionism

Witness American values being stood on their head as President Bush asserts—in contravention to UN resolutions, world opinion and international law—that Palestinian refugees must give up their right to return to the land of their birth. With an election looming, the Leader of the Free World now declares that Israel may keep virtually all the Palestinian territory it has captured through deception and war. This sanctioned expropriation repudiates the initiatives of every preceding U.S. Administration. Indeed, Bush’s “pre-emptive” war on Iraq may yet be viewed as lacking sufficient legal justification and could provoke the convening of a Constitutional Convention so abuses of this magnitude may be prevented from recurring.

If America is being targeted because terrorists are “jealous of our freedoms” as Bush and his speechwriters claim, why then don’t terrorists attack other Western democracies like Canada, New Zealand, Sweden or Japan? Significantly, Presidential fabrications like this are often overlooked, even by leading commentators. Are these media ‘watchdogs’ willing to let themselves be deceived for the right cause? Ideological bias from both left and right is an acknowledged media fact, and it undermines journalistic credibility. But what about the bias that would subordinate American interests before Israel’s? Why should it be of no interest that so many American editors, publishers, producers and opinion-makers (Thomas Friedman, Mort Zuckerman, Charles Krauthammer Marty Peretz, David Frum, and Bill Safire, to name a just a few) qualify for Israeli citizenship? After all, interests between nations inevitably diverge. Shouldn’t these privileged tastemakers concede—and we consumers of news be informed—that many pundits they might suffer from an (undisclosed) conflict of interest? In American media and journalism, the percentage of opinion-makers who are eligible for Israeli citizenship is unparalleled. How that affects the content of our news is incalculable, but profound.

Indeed, it took over a year for most Americans to become aware that the war on Iraq was based on false intelligence, misleading claims and phony allegations. Hussein’s purported link to Al Queda and his non-existent WMD’s may have been part of an Israeli-American plan to wage war on Iraq and intimidate any nation that threatens the Jewish State. Yet Kerry’s criticisms of Bush’s unnecessary war are cautious and narrowly focused. Recent statements reveal that Kerry’s commitment to Israeli “security” may exceed even The President’s. Following the revelations of U.S. misconduct at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, Candidate Kerry called for the largely symbolic resignation of one U.S. official, Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld. Fundamental American war policies however get an unhesitant Thumbs Up from Kerry, who now supports Israel’s “separation fence” (called the Apartheid Wall by many) without condition.

Now that the Neo-conservative Bush regime is coming under fire for its military blunders and misdeeds, it may soon be time for the Zionists to adopt Plan B. If the Bush war fails, the Israeli torch will simply pass to Zionist Liberal Democrat John Kerry. On this extraordinary issue, filmmaker Michael Moore and others prefer to look the other way. Unfortunately, career politicians and other media bosses may be correct in betting that the American people are indeed dumb enough not to detect Israeli fingerprints on unethical American conduct throughout in the Middle East. Pity the poor Palestinians under Israeli occupation, and pity the poor, unwitting American people as they underwrite this political boondoggle. The corrosive impact that these crypto-Zionist policies are having on our nation’s reputation will be felt for generations. Notwithstanding the forced ‘democratization’ of Iraq, our children may well inherit a more dangerous world.

In the meantime, our Zionized media (including Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11) are having a field day deconstructing the Bush Administration and its expendable cast of NeoCon warriors. No problem. Whatever the election results, our governing establishment will produce an administration that eagerly sympathizes with all Israeli aspirations. Other than that, the political parties and their carefully chosen hacks are free to squabble about gun control, health care, gay marriage, tobacco regulation, whatever. The only Sacred Cow in American politics today is the Jewish State. Today the sacrificial lambs are Palestine and Iraq; tomorrow they could be Syria, Iran or Saudi Arabia. Bringing “freedom” to foreign lands is an endless struggle.

And while you’re at it, please keep your eye on House Resolution 4230, the ‘Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act’. This Orwellian bill, concocted by Israeli-American leaders in the U.S. Congress, proposes to combat anti-Semitism anywhere and everywhere in the world! Feeling warm and safer now?

So be prepared for the morphing of the neo-cons into the neo-liberals into the everyday, everywhere cheerleaders for Israel. Watch for more totalitarian schemes served up in slick, idealistic packaging that use phrases like: “protecting Muslim women”, “advancing the cause of democracy” and of course, “combating terror”.

What’s a voter to do? Demand actual reform. Choosing the ‘lesser of two evils’ doesn’t solve the embedded Israeli conundrum. It’s time to withhold support of the two major parties (since they’ve become hopelessly corrupted) and take alternative action. Speak out. Expose the unpleasant truths about Zionism. Also: choose the candidate who most resolutely rejects the Israelization of America. Even the longest journey begins with one step