Noam Chomsky: Radical Deceiver?
by Mark Green



July 30, 2005

Noam Chomsky has finally 'outed' himself as a key defender of segregation and war, as long as it serves Israel.

Here's the wise Professor's revealed methodology: beat the neo-Marxist drum, ignore non-conforming facts, publish another long, windy book, and blow academic smoke. True to form, his latest expose on the "hidden reasons" behind America's latest war on Iraq fails to even mention the U.S.-Israeli "special relationship", or the essential role played by highly placed Zionists in shaping U.S. war policies. For him, the world's doom and gloom is always and forever about "U.S. imperialism"--even within the Israeli-dominated Middle East. In Chomsky's steady-state universe, America is the rapacious master, Israel our hapless servant.

Noam Chomsky does correctly note that the entire basis for the latest U.S. war on Iraq (non-existent WMD's, links to Al Queda, quest for uranium, etc.) was an deliberate fabrication, but his sins of omission from there are too great to ignore.

The Professor's latest summation ("It's the Imperialism, Stupid") is a classic example of 'Zionist Denial'--the widespread but dishonest brand of political scholarship that cynically deconstructs every political institution, lobby, spin doctor, motive and manipulator except those with a Zionist pedigree. Thus, for Chomsky, if every dirty political trick in the world cannot be traced directly to the CIA, then proceed directly to Step Two: search every corporate board room and find the culprits there.

Prof. Chomsky's latest Grand Theory about U.S. war in Iraq can be found here:( ). But trust me, you can skip it. If there's even one idea there that hasn't already appeared in one of his previous essays, I didn't spot it.

The Professor speaks with forked tongue

Besides covering up for Israel's longstanding devotion to ethnic and religious segregation, Chomsky and his disciples have been pushing the "No War for Oil" myth since the 1990-91 Gulf War, even though their predictions continually fail and their theories never explain. Please recall that in 1990, Bush Sr. gathered and lead an international coalition into Kuwait (know as the Gulf War) to end Saddam Hussein's "illegal occupation". OK, this certainly wasn't the President's only reason (or even his main one) for launching the Gulf War, but Chomsky and his Zionist-friendly cronies can't resist the opportunity to manufacture an even bolder fib, indignantly declaring that this first U.S. invasion was launched so "imperial" America and its corporations could "seize Kuwait's oil".

It was a provocative and cynical theory, not completely untrue, but deliberately incomplete and therefore false.

Consider the actual events of the original Gulf War, a brief military rout which ended in complete Allied victory in Feb., 1991. Within months of the Iraqi army's abject annihilation and humiliating retreat from Kuwait, the bulk of U.S. forces DID LEAVE Kuwait and NOT ONE U.S. GOVERNMENT AGENCY OR CORPORATION CONFISCATED ANY KUWAITI OIL. Chomsky and his acolytes were wrong. Following that much ballyhooed victory and throughout President Clinton's subsequent eight-year economic blockade on Iraq, NEVER once did any U.S. corporation siphon off Iraqi oil or benefit economically from the lethal "oil for food" program that was administered in Iraq through the United Nations under American auspices. The 'war-for-oil' theorists were wrong still. This is not to say that the U.S. has behaved virtuously, or even fairly. Indeed, what DID happen in Iraq were the needless deaths of some 500,000 Iraqis from malnourishment and disease due to U.S. sanctions. Significantly, Chomsky has never produced one document proving (or even linking) America's two wars on Iraq with corporate oil interests or their unseen lobby. Israel's strategically positioned lobbyists however DID enthusiastically favor both Iraq wars, as well as the deadly sanctions applied under President Clinton.

Additionally, over American protests, Israel has for the past decade initiated the construction of countless 'Jewish Only' housing units in occupied Palestine. True to form, Chomsky attributes Israeli expansion and brutality to American coercion. Translation: Israeli malfeasance "understandable", therefore Zionist crimes forgivable; but American motives "greedy", therefore U.S. actions evil. Does Prof. Chomsky actually believe this stuff? Only his Rabbi knows for sure.

The unpleasant truth is that if American aggression is 'all about anything', it's all about Israeli power and security.

Indeed, the only winners in America's first war on Iraq (the Gulf War) were the Kuwaiti royals, U.S. arms manufacturers and, as always, the ever-expanding Jewish State. What's clear is that the old Professor has a special place in his deceiving heart for the Zionist dream of a Jewish country unchallenged in militarily power and unencumbered by non-Jewish inhabitants. Indeed, the 1990 rescue of Kuwait's plutocracy cost the U.S. taxpayer untold billions and left Iraq decimated, demoralized and disgraced. At the close of the Gulf War, the Iraqi death toll at the hands of U.S. bombing sorties may have reached 100,000, which is over thirty times the number of Americans killed on 911. Additionally, following the first Gulf War, Iraq slid into deep economic and cultural DEPRESSION. Please keep in mind that our special ally, Israel, still maintains an uninterrupted, illegal 38-year-old military occupation in Palestine, which is only a stone's throw from Iraq. Israel also and receives not only unprecedented levels of U.S AID but unwavering U.S. DIPLOMATIC COVER. The Jewish State has also managed to assemble a nuclear stockpile without so much as a peep of protest from the U.S. Our news media is similarly accommodating on this crucial issue.

Heartfelt Tribute

Unbeknownst to most Americans, our leaders like Israel more than one might expect. Consider these adoring remarks made by California Democrat and Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi. In her recent speech before Israel's preeminent lobby group, the American-Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), she declared: "America's commitment to the safety and security of the State of Israel is unwavering. America and Israel share an unbreakable bond: in peace and war; and in prosperity and in hardship."

Without blushing, Pelosi closed with these somber remarks: "The United States will stand with Israel now and forever. Now and forever."

Thunderous applause followed from a packed audience that was virtually all Jewish.

Yet incredibly, AIPAC is presently under federal investigation for espionage against the United States!

No matter. Our political class understands all too well who rules our great republic and who therefore must be glorified and adored. As for Zionist Israel's countless victims, Pelosi uttered not a word.

With this everyday embarrassment as a backdrop, Noam Chomsky has risen to the status of Grand Ayatollah of politically-correct American dissent.

During the Viet Nam War, Chomsky's brand of trendy radicalism enjoyed great prestige. Without embarrassment, he confidently explained away that region's turmoil largely to Western Imperialism while, at the same time, avoiding the unpleasant details about murder, deceit and oppression which are the hallmark of life under communist rule. Today, Chomsky prefers accord privilege to Israel's uniqe brand of political sins and condone the racist component within Zionism that legitimizes a segregated, Jewish State in a land hitherto occupied by Arabs.

Israeli "neutrality"

Please recall that even though Israel pretended not to have any involvement with America's vast international coalition in the 1990-91 Gulf War, the Iraqis knew otherwise and sent their few remaining scud missiles into Israel to demonstrate their understanding that this needless bloodbath centered around Zionist ambitions--not some phony oil conspiracy or the liberation of an obscure Arab Sheikdom.

This is where the role of deception becomes critical. Many Americans now realize that just before our country's invasion of Iraq, there were the now famous (but discredited) claims about Iraq's links to All Things Evil--not to mention its real threat to world freedom and democracy. But who remembers the grotesque yarn about Kuwaiti babies being disconnected from their feeding tubes in hospital incubators by invading Iraqis? It was all part of the pre-war hype that turned out to be a slick, neo-conservative war advertisement.

For those who believed that Iraq's invasion of Kuwait posed a threat to world oil supplies, Hussein himself succinctly addressed that unfounded fear well before Bush Sr's. invasion. Concerning the widespread misapprehension about Iraq's "controlling the world's oil resources", Saddam Hussein contemptuously posed this question: "What do you expect me to do with the (disputed) oil, drink it?" Pleases note that the U.S. is now some $300 billion in the red over just this most-recent Iraq bloodbath. How much Iraqi oil will America have to steal just to break even? The Chomsky crowd never says.

Indeed, Iraq's invasion of Kuwait never posed any genuine threat to global oil supplies. Oil remained relatively cheap throughout the ensuing Gulf War and for ten years after. These two Arab governments were merely fighting over who would bring this precious commodity to market.

But when Iraq invaded Kuwait (with the implied consent, thought Saddam Hussein, of high U.S. officials) our Israel-friendly political establishment shrewdly seized an opportunity to humiliate the Jewish State's key Arab rival. Foolishly, Hussein took the bait. When America unexpectedly threatened to wage war over Kuwait, the Iraqi dictator refused to back down. It was Hussein's pride that became his undoing. Finally, in hopes of averting the war, Hussein freed some 200 American tourists in a futile peace gesture. But it didn't help. The war dogs were determined to unleash a campaign of non-stop bombing that the world had never seen.

During the final negotiations prior to the first U.S. invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi dictator offered to withdraw from Kuwait if Israel would do the same in Palestine. American officials dismissed this peace overture as a "non-starter". The American news media eagerly followed suit, dropping the entire episode deep into a political memory hole. That peace overture, like Hussein's release of the Western hostages, it is now only dimly recalled. The Gulf War produced a high-tech military execution which left tens of thousands of Iraqi dead, with an even greater number of Iraqi families in mourning.

In the 43 days it took the U.S. coalition to crush Iraqi resistance, some 88,500 tons of bombs fell on Iraq. It was the greatest five week bombing campaign in world history. By contrast, the legendary, eight-month-long "bombing blitz" by Nazi Germany at the start of WWII lobbed only 24,000 tons of bombs on all of London. That Pres. Bush Sr.'s popularity reached its zenith following America's lopsided military 'victory' over Iraq may be more a testament to the power of orchestrated pro-war reporting than to heroism on the battlefield.

The war-for-oil theory was then, and remains today, part of a Left-Zionist smokescreen which falsely identifies the "hidden" machinations behind continued U.S. aggression towards the Arab (and Persian) world. If it's "all about oil", then why is America now threatening to invade even Syria, a NON-oil exporting country? Chomsky doesn't say. The good news is that the world still has some two trillion barrels of known oil reserves. Despite the ongoing oil hype, we're not about to run out of petroleum.

What is hard to deny is that U.S. policies unflinchingly sustain the modern (unstated) doctrine of selective enforcement of U.N. resolutions. Its essence: Israel--with key American support--remains uniquely above international law. And to advance this 'value', our ruling establishment will steadfastly wage war. It's no wonder that the U.S. and Israel now rank among most feared and disliked countries in the world.

Meanwhile, the Chomskyists are determined to keep Americans from critically examining the Zionist role in these needless wars. They are succeeding so far because they have legions of highly-placed allies who are committed to dusting the fingerprints off any Zionist-engineered boondoggle. For this Grand Illusion we also have our mainstream news media to thank.

In a similar vein, Chomsky has devoted countless articles, statements and appearances in an effort to elevate convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal's status to that of a "political prisoner". Meanwhile, a genuine political prisoner, Ernst Zundel, who was deported from the U.S. has spent two years in solitary confinement in Canada and now sits in a German prison. His crime? Questioning the official narrative of the Jewish experience in Europe during WWII. Chomsky's calculated silence on Zundel, and the corresponding challenge to free speech and political expression that his incarceration represents, is mirrored also by virtually all the cryptic Jewish pressure points, from the ACLU to Howard Zinn.

America's democracy has failed to provide its citizens with a clear choice on this vital issue concerning unconditional support for Israel. Our Mid East policies remain in the hands of lobbyists, Party bosses and special interests who operate far above the will or consent of American voters. Sadly, this nation's marriage to the Jewish State was conducted in the dark decades ago without even the benefit of a public ceremony. Big money and big weapons systems have been changing hands ever since. As the causalities mount and resistance builds, it's worth remembering that it's not too late for America to change course.


Mark Green is the former host of FLASHPOINT and the co-editor of . He can be reached at: