Wendy Campbell Answers Interview Questions for Belgium and the Rest of the World



Hello, would you please introduce yourself to our European audience: age, education, profession, affiliated organizations.

My name is Wendy Campbell, and I am an American woman of Roman Catholic Christian background, 53 years of age. My ancestral heritage is Swedish, Irish and English. Currently I am a documentary film-maker and distributor whose mission it is to find justice, peace and equal rights for the Palestinians and to end all US support for apartheid Israel. This will be a giant step forward in achieving world peace. I have a BFA and Masters Degree in Art from Massachusetts College of Art, in Boston, Massachusetts. I am affiliated with a variety of organizations relating to film, Palestinian rights, and changing US foreign policy.

Your name is connected to the MarwenMedia which has an alternative offering, especially on the Arab-Israeli conflict. What were your motivations to start with this? Have these been fulfilled so far?

My motivations with offering documentaries on the Arab-Israeli-American conflict began shortly after the catastrophe of 9-11 which was a direct result of the Arab-Israeli-American conflict, as I came to realize shortly afterwards. I attended an excellent slideshow entitled “Face of the Occupation” which for the first time drove home the point that my country‚s government was and is using MY tax dollars to persecute the indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians simply because Zionist Jews want to have a racist Jewish state on Arab land. This slideshow was created and organized by a courageous Jewish woman named Penny Rosenwasser of the Middle East Children‚s Alliance. She is a beautiful person spiritually. I realized that all Americans must see this show in order to stop the injustices happening to the Palestinian people, so I resolved to make my first documentary “Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid”. To my surprise, I had much interest in this documentary and much encouragement, from people in the Bay Area and around the USA and even from foreign countries. I have met many, many interesting people as a result of my mission, including my boyfriend and fellow activist Mark Green. Even though he is a “rightist” and I am a “leftist”, we have common ground with regards to exposing the evils of Zionism and Zio-American imperialism.

Our special attention went out to the interview with Prof. Kevin MacDonald you offer. He is an outstanding academic, who only gets smeared and slandered in the corporate press. Do your views coincide with his, referring to Judaism as a group-evolutionairy strategy to enhance their own and enslave others via proxy?

Yes, I believe there is quite a bit of evidence that points to the truthfulness of his theory of Judaism as a group-evolutionary strategy to enhance their own agenda and exploit, and even in some cases, enslave others, via proxy. Obviously the Palestinians are being enslaved directly by the Israelis, with many of them forced to work for Israelis, even building Jewish homes in Jews-only settlements on Palestinian land stolen by Jews! And the Palestinians, enslaved as they are by the Israelis, must even pay taxes to the Israeli Jews! This is outrageous tyranny and I believe the US government must stop all economic and diplomatic support of Israel as the racist Jewish state that it is.

Also attention is given to Syria, i.e. the documentary “Land of Friendly People”. That was a very brave effort of you of shedding some new light on this “evil empire”. What made you visit that perilous country?

I instinctively knew that all the negative comments about Syria in the Zionized US media and parroted by people who read it, were false accusations. I had absolutely no fear of visiting Syria. I was very excited and optimistic about going there, and my hunches that there was nothing to fear about Syria were entirely correct.

What are your main conclusions of the land, its leader and people and Ba‚athist principles? My conclusions about Syria, etc., are the following:Syria is an incredibly beautiful country in general. I would love to live there for a few months, in fact. I doubt if I will get around to that however, because of time and money constraints.

The people there are incredibly hospitable, helpful and easy-going. We were welcomed into many Syrians’ homes, from the ancient cities of Damascus and Aleppo to the Bedouin and Kurdish villages out in the countryside. It was a very fascinating and mellow experience.

The Syrian president Bashir Assad apparently is a very good man, a gentle man and well-loved by most Syrians. According to our American tour guide, and our Syrian Greek Orthodox tour guide on the trip, Assad would probably win by 70% if there were to be a democratic election. He is well-educated, a lover of peace, proud of his Arab heritage, particularly close to Christian values in his particular brand of Islam, tolerant of all people, even Jews, but he is anti-Zionism, as I am too. Zionism is a racist, nationalistic, hate-mongering ideology that should be marginalized and de-legitimized, in order to avoid endless war for Israel.

The Ba‚athist party is, unbeknownst to most Americans, a secular, socialistic party that seeks to create a pan-Arab union, much like the European Union. I believe they have the right to do so, however Zionists, both Jewish and Christian Zionists, and their corporate collaborators, do not want to see the strengthening of an Arab block. Our country is aggressing on the Arab world, not the other way around. Our country, the United States, has become the “evil empire”, as most countries in the world also believe. In fact, most people these days believe that the “axis of evil” is made up of Israel, the USA, and Great Britain. Anybody who is truly for peace, justice and equal rights and who does not want endless war, should oppose the evils of Zionism and imperialism.

On top of that, we can easily buy oil from Arab countries. We do not have to kill hundreds of thousands of people and spend over $200 billions to steal Iraqi oil. Oil is cheaper than bottled water anyway! Syria does not export any oil! The so-called “war on terror” is all about making Israel “secure” and setting the stage for creating a “Greater Israel” and perhaps even world domination, using US resources to do so.

I have not established any continuing contacts with any Syrians. I pray for the security of that country for the sake of the good people there.

How do you personally see the Zionist occupation of the US politics, media and business evolving?

Although the Zionists, both Jewish and Christian, appear to be at the zenith of their power, there are many signs of fissures and cracking in their grip on the American consciousness. I believe it won’t be long before the American people will pressure our government en masse to stop unconditionally supporting the Jewish state of Israel.

Is there an equation of the former Soviet-Union with the current US justice, i.e. their Jewish-supremacist nature and globalist-imperialist wars? In both countries anti-Semitism is/was viewed the highest offence (even punishable death sentence in the USSR)?

Certainly there is an attempt by Zionist forces in the USA to criminalize and / or censor anything that can be called “anti-Semitic” or critical or questioning of Jewish power and Jewish propaganda, including all their allegations about “The Holocaust”. Hopefully, for MY sake and all others who speak out, they will not be successful. I understand that Europeans are legally suppressed by Jewish censors with very strict laws and that there are many double standards with regards to Jews. This is anti-democratic and very detrimental to true justice and peace. Hopefully, Americans, myself included, will help to expose the hypocrisy and double standards to help lift this cloud from the entire world, which would benefit everyone, including Jews who care about the rest of the world, and not just Jews.


What are the direct and indirect effects of the Iraqi and Afghani occupation that you witness at home in the US, since we are totally dependant on the propaganda reels of ABC, NBC, CNN?

I witness a lot of Americans searching for answers. Many are confused, angry, afraid, whereas others are apathetic and too busy with their day-to-day lives. Still others are brain-washed war-mongers. Of course, now gas is getting very expensive, too.

Is an Iran-war also coming?

I do not believe that the the US can justify a war on Iran when it couldn’t even justify a war on Iraq, but sometimes evil gets it way. Maybe not twice in a row, is my hope. I believe that war against Iran and Syria will be thwarted and avoided because of American public opinion against it, but I could be wrong. This could be wishful thinking. The NeoCons and the NeoLibs, all pro-Israel, are still very, very powerful in the US government and media. But I hope and pray that the Zio-American imperialistic wars end very soon, and a new age of understanding will ensue. Hope springs eternal.Would that then be the death blow to the neoconservative imperialism?
Yes, thank God.

Who inspired you in this quest? Any thinkers, writers,... who opened your eyes? Or really important books?

My eyes were first opened by listening to an alternative radio station called KPFA, a Pacifica radio station, when there was a three-way debate between a Palestinian, an Israeli and an American. I heard many things I had never heard before and I realized that mainstream US media was not telling the whole truth and even telling outright lies about Israel and Palestine. So I started asking a lot of questions from Jews and others, and I did extensive research on the internet. After 9-11 there was so much information to absorb, and a whole new world and a big can of worms was opened for me to explore. Also, like I said, I saw that slideshow “Face of the Occupation” by the Middle East Children‚s Alliance, and some of it is featured in my documentary “Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid”-- that was a really huge turning point.

Also a great website that helped fill me in on “The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict” is www.cactus48.com.
Other excellent websites are: www.rense.com, www.antiwar.com, www.whatreallyhappened.com, www.israelshamir.net, www.jewishtribalreview.org and many others which can be found at my website: www.exposingisraeliapartheid.com Books and writers recommended: books by Edward Said, Israel Shamir, Paul Findley, Gilad Atzmon, Kevin MacDonald; Articles by: Jeffrey Blankfort, Alison Weir. I hope all your readers will check out my website for more pertinent information at www.marwenmedia.com and please spread the word and circulate widely. This is a people‚s movement!

A great magazine is: Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. I also like to read American Free Press (www.americanfreepress.net), because they never shy away from exposing Zionist shenanigans.

Aside from the tons of positive responses to your project we saw your good name smeared in the Jerusalem Post by a certain Yaakov Lapin. The typical disinformation piece even called prof.MacDonald “a pseudo-intellectual”. What is your response to this slander? Have there been more?

Well, as you probably know, there is no such thing as “bad publicity”! I used the opportunity to expound some more on my ideas and beliefs. As the result of the article in the Jerusalem Post, I have had thousands of hits on my websites: www.marwenmedia.com and www.exposingisraeliapartheid.com. More and more people are getting exposed to my ideas, and that is a positive thing! There are many other such slanderous things written about me, but most people know the Zionists‚ game by now of name-calling and lies. Unfortunately, they are able to fool some naïve people sometimes. But I think that most people get the picture. Zionists cannot win with Truth and Reason so they resort to the typical smears.Your other website is www.exposingisraeliapartheid.com, which runs some very groundbreaking articles.

What would be your solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict given a mandate?

I firmly believe in the one-democratic-state solution, whereby Israel would be pressured by the whole world to transform from a racist, apartheid country into one, secular, democratic country called “Palestine-Israel”, or simply “Palestine”, and this can be accomplished the exact same way in which South Africa was pressured by the world to dismantle its apartheid regime. The two-state solution is just official apartheid and does not address the immoral way in which White European countries gave away Arab Palestinian land to Eastern European Zionist Jews for a racist Jewish state in 1948, whereby Zionist Jews chased off over 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland in terror. I believe that the Palestinian refugees must be allowed their inalienable Right to Return as complete equals to their homeland of Palestine-Israel as soon as possible without needless, endless “process”. The UN and the world should send in peace-keeping troops to oversee this transition. The US government must offer economic incentives to both the Israelis and the Palestinians to achieve this truly secular, democratic transformation as needed. It can be accomplished. If enough people want justice and peace, there will be justice and peace. The time is now!

Thank you for your interest in my opinions! For more information on my opinions, please do a google-search using the keywords “Wendy Campbell Israel Palestine” and find some more articles I have written.

Please note that some articles about me written by Jewish sources are false. You can also find my article on the internet “Why I Am A Pro-Palestinian Activist”, which will answer many of your questions. It’s also at www.one-democratic-state.org.

Thanks again!
Wendy Campbell

California, USA