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Four Documentaries by Wendy Campbell :


• Syria: Land of Friendly People and Hidden Treasures

• Rosa Remembers Palestine

• Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism

• Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid


"Syria: Land of Friendly People and Hidden Treasures" This documentary reveals a fascinating country, which is home to magnificent ancient ruins and archeological treasures beginning back from when the first alphabet was created in Ugarit to the exquisite Greco-Roman ruins such as those found at Palmyra and Apamea, to the majestic Crusader fortresses to the ornate Byzantine ruins to the splendidly decorated mosques and much more. The incredible warmth and friendliness of the Syrian people charm visitors whether exploring the cavernous souks or the lovely Syrian countryside dotted with bee-hive shaped Bedouin homes. Whereever you go in Syria, be prepared to share some flower tea with these hospitable people who welcome you into their shops and even their homes, as this documentary shows. One thing is very obvious when you are in Syria: they do NOT need the US or anyone to"liberate" them. Our American tour leader, who has been to Syria many times over the past 16 years, said that he estimates that the current President Assad would probably get 70% of the vote in a democratic election. Certainly all the people I talked to seemed genuinely appreciative of their president, and had many positive things to say about him. I consider myself to be a very intuitive person, and they seemed very sincere. At any rate, it is not in Americans' best interests for our government to wage war on countries that pose absolutely no threat whatsoever to the US. See for yourself, in this documentary, the splendid treasures of this ancient country and the friendly people who live there. 83 mins; Dec. 2004; DVD.

"Puts Syria on the map!" --Mark Franklin, Documentary Film-maker, Activist, Writer.

Watch the trailer for "Syria: Land of Friendly People and Hidden Treasures" by clicking here to see the clip on or here.


"Rosa Remembers Palestine", an interview with "Rosa" who is a Palestinian woman who survived the Al Nakba, which is Arabic for "The Catastrophe", which happened in 1948 when Zionists massacred thousands of Palestinians and chased off over half of the non-Jewish indigenous Palestinian population from their homeland to make way for the Jewish supremacist state of Israel. Rosa shares her painful experiences during that time which still haunt her to this day. The interview is interspersed with photos of Palestine before and after the Zionists arrived, including recent footage of Israel's Apartheid Wall and demolition of Palestinian homes by the Israeli army, funded with US tax dollars. Includes informative maps and a historical overview of the creation of Israel in Palestine. Approx. 75 mins. VHS or DVD.

Watch the trailer for "Rosa Remembers Palestine" by clicking here for the clip as it appears on YouTube or (if you can wait a couple minutes for it to appear)then here.

"Wonderful. First-hand reporting from a refugee. It drives home the fact that it's not such ancient history." --Vincent Fischer, Writer, Activist and Indymedia Editor

"Wonderful---very poignant!"--Don Dinelli, Editor of

"Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism" A fascinating, informative interview with Rabbi Weiss, one of the leaders of the Neturei Karta, a worldwide organization of Ultra Orthodox Jews who are dedicated to defeating Zionism, which they believe is the exact opposite of Judaism. On their business cards is the motto “Pray for the peaceful dismantling of the Zionist state of Israel”. Rabbi Weiss provides a concise history of Judaism, Zionism, Europe during WWI and WWII, Palestine, Israel and the state of affairs we find ourselves here in the USA with Zionist-controlled media. Interspersed throughout his narrative are recent footage of scenes from occupied Palestine of the illegal “Apartheid Wall” that Israel is building with U.S. tax dollars. Produced by Wendy Campbell in 2003, released March, 2004. 58:30 mins; VHS or DVD.

"Your tape "Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism" is a Godsend." Simon Jones, Writer & Professor, Uzbekistan

"It drives home the point that Zionism and Judaism are different phenomena." Gary Leupp, Professor

"Powerful. With much clarification." -- Harry Kingman, Playwright and Poet


"Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid" The first documentary ever made by Wendy Campbell. A carefully crafted collage of footage revealing the hellish apartheid conditions under which Palestinians are forced to live under Israeli occuption, using U.S. tax dollars and under cover of immoral U.S. political power and the Zionized US media. Palestinians are forced to pay taxes to the Israeli government, yet they are not allowed equal rights as Jews nor are they represented in the Israeli government: this is tyranny! Also featuring clips of lectures by leading American human rights activists dedicated to achieving justice for the Palestinians, the first step in achieving world peace. Footage of several rallies in the San Francisco Bay Area is included, showing how the pro-justice for Palestinians movement is rapidly growing. A narrative of the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict provides context and the one-democratic-state solution of Palestine-Israel is advocated. 57mins; Released 2002; 57mins; VHS or DVD.

"This is definitely a resource that should be included in the library of every activist for Palestine!"

--Vince Fischer, Writer and Editor of Indymedia.

See a clip from "Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid" by clicking here.


”Washington DC: Israeli Occupied Territory” an interview with Middle East authority Jeffrey Blankfort by political TV talk show host Mark Green touching on many issues regarding the power of the Jewish Lobby and it’s influence on American politics and the American-Israeli-Palestinian conflict. AND
”Washington: Israel's Most Important Occupied Territory”
This tape features a lecture (recorded at the famous La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley, CA, home of "Free Speech") by Middle East expert Jeffrey Blankfort about the significant influence of Jewish Zionist think-tanks, lobbies and media on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. He provides many detailed examples and evidence of the ways and means with which organized Jewish Zionist Israeli-Americans exercise pressure on US policy-makers to support the Jewish supremacist state of Israel unconditionally, including via massive contributions to political campaigns and their operatives in the US media who can make or break political careers, and more. Mr. Blankfort believes in the democratic one-state solution in the Holy Land, and that the Palestinians should be given the first priority. Although Mr. Blankfort is Jewish, he is not a Zionist. Packed with important information! It's a MUST SEE!58:30 mins total; VHS or DVD

"Jeffrey Blankfort, one of the bravest men in America... goes for the main reason behind the war -- undue influence of Organized Jewry. Wendy and Mark show great empathy to the people of Palestine, and to Americans who are forced to feed Israeli apartheid, and to protect it in the killing fields of Faluja and Baghdad."-- Israel Shamir, Israeli Author, Activist.

"Why Terrorism?"
A fiery debate between arch-Zionist Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was assassinated in 1990, and former Congressman Pete McCloskey (D-CA) who championed Palestinian rights and American democratic principles. Meir Kahane, who wrote the book “They Must Go!”, referring to his belief that Palestinians must leave their own homeland of Palestine-Israel so that Jews can claim it as a Jewish state, reveals the profound racism that belies Zionism. Many people in the audience seemed to be in agreement with him. Incredibly, the debate offers timely insight into the current political situation although it was taped in 1986! Produced by Mark Green. 58:30 min; VHS and DVD.

"USS Liberty Survivors: Our Story"

We are pleased to be able to offer you this important historical documentary entitled "USS Liberty Survivors: Our Story". In case you haven't heard about the USS Liberty yet, these are the testamonials of the eye-witnesses who were there. As peace-and-justice activist Jeffrey Blankfort says, this incident "defines the turning point in the US-Israeli relationship" where the tail (Israel)started wagging the dog(the USA). During the Six Day War in 1967 between Israel and the Arab States, the American intelligence ship USS Liberty was attacked for 75 minutes in international waters by Israeli aircraft and motor torpedo boats. Thirty-four men died and 172 were wounded. The attack, which was a war crime, has been a matter of controversy ever since. As these American miltary men reveal in this moving documentary, it was bad enough that our "ally" Israel bombed their ship relentlessly even knowing that it was an American ship, but the worst thing of all was the fact that LBJ himself ordered the American pilots who went to their rescue to turn back! The basically defenseless ship was almost obliterated, as the Israelis hoped to leave no eye-witnesses behind and then blame it on Arabs. They also wanted to make sure no one interfered with their preemptive stealth attack on the neighoring Arab countries. After the attack, miraculously, the USS Liberty survived and limped into a safe harbor. Once back in the USA, the Navymen from the USS Liberty were warned NOT to tell their story! This added insult to injury, as if what they had suffered was not bad enough. In this moving documentary, you will hear the stories directly from the victims themselves of this shameful and treacherous act, which is still being covered up today for the most part by the Zionized US media. This will probably be especially interesting to those who are or know someone who is serving in the US military. About an hour. Produced in 1987. DVD only.

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Please note the following:

One of the reasons Americans don't often read articles critical of Zionism, Israel and related topics, such as we present here at MarWen Media's website, is because even if some people want to get their articles printed in the mainstream US media or even on-line forums, they find that their letters to the editor or opinion pieces are seldom, if ever printed. If by some slight chance, their article criticizing Israel, Zionism, or questioning certain aspects of the Holocaust does happen to get printed in the newspaper or magazine, the editors of that publication are aware that they will likely be hounded by pro-Israel, pro-Zionism activists. Pro-Israel/ pro-Zionism organizations, of which there are many, are very well funded and extremely organized. They generally have politcal, legal and financial clout. Zionist groups, ranging from the more moderate ones to the extremist and even criminal ones, will hound them mercilessly, with e-mails, faxes, phone-calls, even occasional death threats.

You will find that at almost every single publication on-line or in print, there is often a Zionist Jewish "gate-keeper", whether it's a paid position or not, it's a position they actively seek out. They are the ultimate hypocritical censors. They find a way to eliminate questions or comments critical of Israel and Zionists yet they encourage questions critical of Muslims and even Christians, in many cases. For example, you will most likley never see or hear an honest discussion or debate of Separation of Synagogue and State, but you see debates about Separation of Church and State all the time in public and on mainstream media. When it comes to any discussion on topics related to Israel and Zionism, the Israel-firsters are experts at obfuscation and prevarication with regards to the truth of these matters. "By Deception We Shall Rule and Wage War" is the motto of the Israeli spy agency, the Mossad, and in general, it's the de facto mode of operendi of Israel-firsters as well, not only Jewish Zionists, but now Christian Zionists who go along with the Jewish Zionist agenda, for their own reasons, generally financial. They often throw out patently untrue statements, which is your job to research and find the out the truth. Many people don't take the time to do that, but you must if you care about overcoming the Zionist agenda which is detrimental to the majority of humankind. Knowledge is power and you can be an agent of Truth and Justice for all.

Another reason one rarely finds articles critical of Zionism, Israel and the Holocaust industry, is because many critics of Zionism and related topics know that the Zionists are so very powerful in government and law. Zionist activists, who are often lawyers and serving in the US government, are in fact trying to make it against the law to express certain opinions or beliefs about Zionism and the Holocaust, like it is in many European countries already. This is something the Zionized US media hides in general, because most Americans will recognize it for what it is: a deliberate and insidious assault on one of our most precious freedoms: Freedom of Speech.

In general, the Zionized US media hides everything and anything negative about Israel, Zionism, the Holocaust industry, Holocaust laws in other countries, Judaism, and so on. They figure ignorance is bliss. "What they(the American people) don't know can't hurt them." But the pro-Zionist activists, including in our US government and our US media, know for sure that IF AMERICANS KNEW the Truth about apartheid Israel, racist Zionism, the Holocaust industry and related anti-freedom-of-speech laws, etc., then public opinion would most likely turn against US support of Israel and Zionism. The Zionists don't want to take the chance and therefore they are working to make it a crime, essentially, to criticize the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, Zionism, and certainly any questioning of the Holocaust, which is a serious crime punishable by law with fines and long prison terms in isolation for those who express an opinion that the Zionist don't approve of in certain countries.

Double standards abound. A couple examples: cartoons about Islam are OK yet cartoons about the Holocaust are against the law. Are only Jewish sensitivities important? What about Muslim sensitivities? It's apparently outrageous for the Iranian president to state that "Israel must be wiped off the map" but isn't it even more outrageous that Israel IS currently wiping Palestine off the map, using our US tax dollars to do so? Apartheid was wrong in South Africa, yet shouldn't it also be wrong in Israel? Segregation and discrimination are outlawed in the USA, and shouldn't they also be outlawed in Israel,( which obviously does NOT have an American-style democracy)? It's OK to question or openly research any historical event in the universe EXCEPT to question or openly research certain aspects of the Holocaust IS against the law in many countries-- surely this is tyrannical and fascist, is it not?

We at MarWen Media believe in completely equal rights for all regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender OR HOW MUCH MONEY AND POLITICAL CLOUT one has. The Golden Rule applies to all of us. We are all God's children.

Save the Children of Palestine,
the Future of Palestine!

The Israeli ZioNazis deliberately target the Palestinian children with Made-In-USA weapons, purposefully killing hundreds of them even just recently in Gaza (and tens of thousands even since 1948), even in UN hospitals and schools there in Gaza, because the Jewish supremacist state of Israel is most afraid of the "demographics time-bomb"which about the fact that Arabs are beginning to once again outnumber Jews in Palestine-Israel, and the Zionist Jews of Israel (and in the diaspora) want to maintain a Jewish majority in their racist, Jewish supremacist "state" of "Israel" which is actually on STOLEN Palestinian land. So the Jewish state of Israel is actively and literally ethnically cleansing non-Jews from Palestine-Israel, using OUR tax dollars to pay for this terrorist operation.

Just say NO to Israel as well as Zionist Jews & Zionist Christians!
No to a racist Jewish supremacist state of Israel and Zionism !