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PLEASE NOTE: Wikipedia (and its spinoffs) which is dominated by racist Zionist Jews, Israel-firsters and fascists in US and Israeli spy agencies, and spreads ZioNazi propaganda. Boycott apartheid Israel! War is a hate-crime!

This is my latest experience with regards to wikipedia:
Zio-Nazi "admins" have deleted the article onWendy Campbell...

Wendy Campbell: I Got Deleted From Wikipedia:
My Saga with Zionized Wikipedia

(but other DISINFORMATION websites put up by Zionists are continuing their outright lies, such as "", just for one example. These Jewish Zionists cannot defend their racist, land-stealing Jewish state any other way except with lies, and the best military equipment that money (from American taxpayers) can buy.

Some "soft" Zionists try to defend their racist Jewish state by insincerely pretending that they'd settle for a racist two state solution-- one for Jews and one for Muslim/Christian Palestinians. However, wouldn't activists who called for a two state solution in South Africa (when it was apartheid)-- one for whites and one for blacks-- be jeered as racists? Well, then, why should not these "soft" Zionists (Jewish and otherwise) also be subjected to the jeers of "racists!" ? I think they most definitely should be labeled as "racists". Let's call a spade a spade. There should be no double standards for Israel-Palestine. Anyone who says that there must be forced segregation based on race, ethnicity or religion is a racist. Within a true democratic country anyone should be able to live in any neighborhood. In the USA, we have very strict anti-discrimination real estate laws (that are unfortunately not always enforced or adhered to by certain communities such as Chinatown in San Francisco, for instance).

Palestine-Israel should be one-democratic state on all of historic Palestine, which includes the current state of Israel, and the West Bank and Gaza, and there should be a constitution guaranteeing completely equal rights for all its citizens regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender. Also the Palestinian refugees must be allowed their inalienable Right to Return to their homeland of Palestine-Israel, with reparations, as it is their right according to UN Resolutions, International Law, universal ideals of high morals, and the majority of world opinion.

March 25, 2009
By Wendy Campbell
Today, I got this lovely message (shown exactly as I received it, typos and all), which was a parting shot from a Zio-Nazi troll (one of many) at

In the land of wikipedia on-line, they call these trolls “admins”. Beware, because, as usual, this typical ZioNazi troll resorted to extremely vulgar language especially reserved for supporters of the human rights of the Palestinian people ( and I’m sure his real name is not Roger Rodriguez):
From: Roger Rodriguez <
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 12:27 PM
Subject: Purchase marwen media documentaries
Look on wikipedia you dirty racist cunt.  Your article was deleted because you were using it as a soap box for your paranoid, hateful views. And it was seemed that you are insignificant to the Palestinian-Israeli debate.
Your a pathetic excuse for a human being.  
You are so amazingly worthless.


That was it.  Charming, eh?  Charming as a hissing, attacking viper.
I don’t know whether to be relieved to be deleted from wikipedia, or concerned that my mission on behalf of the Palestinian people’s rights is now somewhat diminished by being deleted from wikipedia.
For now, I guess I am relieved, but then again….
Let me give you some background on how this all came about, beginning sometime in 2005.

It all began when I was reading something related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on an article in wikipedia.
There was a hot debate going on there in the “discussion notes”, as there always is when the topic is something that Zionist Jews want to completely control in order to advance their racist, war-mongering agenda, regardless of the facts.  Someone, who thinks like me about the Palestinian cause, made a statement and referenced me as a source to back him up.  Then a Zio-Nazi troll said that no one has heard of Wendy Campbell, and therefore she cannot be used as a reference to back up his point.
So then I got the bright idea to create a wikipedia article about myself, my views, my writings and my documentaries which include:  “Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid” (2003), “Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism” (2004); “Rosa Remembers Palestine” (2004); “Syria: Land of Friendly People and Hidden Treasures (2004), which are all available from my website: <> .
Thus began the saga of my frustrating experience with wikipedia which is apparently overrun with Jewish Zionist Zio-Nazi trolls who are self-ordained/ employed by the Mossad as “admins”.  In the lingo of the internet, trolls are the people who constantly scan the internet to find topics that are their obsession and using a variety of pseudo-names, anonymously write posts to push their agenda often using deceptive and abusive tactics, and they cyber-stalk those whom they perceive to be their political enemies.  Nobody seems to do this better than the Zio-Nazis.  Is there anyone more obsessed AND well-funded to spend all their time swarming around and attacking anyone who discredits their lies on the internet and beyond?  I don’t think so. Even if anyone does a google search on "Wendy Campbell", the very first entry to come up is the link to MarWen Media, however, Zionist trolls who work at Google or have a way to manipulate Google from outside it, put some gobbledy gook verbage right under the link instead of the usual descriptive or some verbage taken directly from the website. Israelis are experts at all kinds of technology, including internet technology, and in fact are tops in the world of cyber-hacking attacks.  Obviously, Israeli cyber-terrorists don't want MarWen Media's message to get out to the world at large and this is just one of the ways that they attempt to muddy the message or eliminate it altogether.
Obviously I am just a tad obsessed about the Palestinian cause, but I cannot possibly devote as much time to it as the Zio-Nazis can, because they are funded by the Israeli government, being that many of them are Mossad.  It’s pretty sad that our US tax dollars which are funneled to racist, apartheid, genocidal IsraHell gets spent in this way as well as using it to murder Palestinians and steal more and more of their land.
In fact, wikipedia has been officially outed as a tool of elements within the CIA and other intelligence groups such as the Mossad (the Israeli spy agency which works together with the CIA).  Here is the link to that story:  <>

It didn’t take long for the Zio-Nazis to swarm around my article and completely mutilate it and make all kinds of defamatory, vicious accusations that they couldn’t prove about me (since they are lies), such as that I was had/have personal and professional ties to “Nazis” and “white supremacists”, etc.
When I tried to defend myself and delete the false allegations about me, I was banned because apparently in wikipedialand, it’s against the rules and a mortal sin to try to defend your reputation yourself. The same is true in Palestine-Israel as well if you are a Palestinian.
After a while, I basically gave up trying to defend myself, and just tried to ignore the trash about me on wikipedia, while denouncing and exposing it on my website as a political tool for the Jewish Zionists and their lackeys.
However after a couple of years of letting the article languish with all that mud on it, I gave it another shot to get it cleaned up and corrected, since apparently there are now more rules about what the ZioNazi trolls can get away with saying, especially about people who are still alive.  
So I started to make some headway with cleaning up the wikipedia article on me.  But I got banned again, which meant I could not make any changes. By the way, it really is no lie that, without a doubt, at least some of my attackers were Jewish, because some of them reveal that in their own wikipedia admin biographies. One even claimed to be the cousin of the Jewish giant featured in a famous photo by Diane Arbus.  Now nobody would make THAT claim unless it was true, I’m sure.
If you ever try to be an admin or even just a contributor on wikipedia, you can flag any article you want to be auto-notified via e-mail whenever someone makes a change to it, and then you can contest it or make more changes yourself.  This is one way that the Zio-Nazis were able to make immediate changes to my article anytime I tried to correct it.  Then I would get banned again after a while.  Then I would try using other computers, but since my changes would be along the same lines, they’d ban me from those computers as well.
Once, before I got banned again, I made an entry about the One-Democratic-State Solution with regards to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  That article which included references, such as, and everything required to be a legitimate article in wikipedia, was almost immediately deleted, literally within seconds.  The message I got immediately after I published it was that “This article has been flagged for speedy deletion.”  So, obviously a Zio-Nazi admin had wikipedia rigged so that this political solution will never see the light of day on wikipedia and their hope is that it never, ever gets to be brought to the attention of the American people, who, I am sure, would heartily endorse it since it is truly consistent with our democratic values. [Note: I just now noticed however that there is an entry for “One-State Solution” but it is presented negatively, pessimistically, and misrepresented as being the same as the “binational solution”, which is not how I nor others envision the one-democratic-state solution.  Obviously, the ZioNazis have worked it over as much as they could to present it as a “hopeless” pie-in-the-sky dream.]
This is my vision for the One-Democratic-State of Palestine-Israel solution, which is shared by many around the world, including many Palestinians:  

The Zionist regime in “Israel” would be completely dismantled just as the apartheid regime was completely dismantled in South Africa, beginning with a Truth and Reconciliation Council to clarify all the issues.  In place of the Zionist regime there would be a completely new democratic government with a Constitution (“Israel” currently has no Constitution), which would guarantee completely equal rights before the law to all the people who live in Palestine-Israel, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender, which would also include all the Palestinian refugees as it is their inalienable right to return as equals to their ancestral homeland.  There would be no more “Jewish state” of “Israel”.  All of what is now “Israel”, and all of Gaza and the West Bank, would be called Palestine-Israel, or simply just Palestine.
Jews who already live there who have dual citizenship would be able to return to wherever they came from, such as Brooklyn or Russia.  In addition, the US would re-instate the former rules regarding US citizenship, in that anyone who goes to a foreign country, including Israel, and serves in a foreign army, votes in a foreign election or serves in a foreign government, automatically has their American citizenship revoked.  That’s the way it was before the Zio-Nazis reworked OUR American citizenship laws.  And that’s the way it must be again: no dual citizenship.  You cannot serve two masters.
Jews who were born in “Israel”/ Palestine, would be allowed to stay only if they abide by the laws, otherwise they will go to jail, invited to leave or be deported to the country of their heritage, such as Russia or Poland, for example.  All the nations of the UN would be involved in this grand solution which is the most moral solution and can and will happen with enough global support.
All the lands, homes and businesses which the Zionist Jews have stolen from the Palestinians since 1948 must be returned to their rightful, original owners: the Palestinian refugees and their descendants.  If some individual Palestinians prefer instead to negotiate a fair market value for these assets, then they can elect to be financially compensated for them, only if they so choose, and not under duress.
There will be no more “Jewish state” or “Zionist entity”, but in its place will be a true democracy before the law with completely equal rights for all the people who live there.  I am sure even the most hard-core Islamic groups in Palestine will be very amenable to this solution as opposed to being completely taken out by the Zio-Nazi war machine.  In fact, I predict that they will rejoice and praise Allah when the one-democratic-state solution of Palestine-Israel occurs.  Dream it and it can and will happen.
Yet another time, in between being banned, since sometimes the ban was only temporary, I made an entry of “Holocaust Revisionism”, and again, it was speedily deleted!  Anyone who does a search on wikipedia for “Holocaust Revisionism” will be immediately diverted to an article on “Holocaust Denial” which is one of the Zio-Nazis’ major smear words used against anyone who has the courage to publicly question, challenge or contradict certain aspects of the Jewish official version of what happened to some Jews during WWII in Europe under the Nazis, due to independent research, independent of Jewish propaganda based on conflicting “eye-witness” reports.
Again, the Zio-Nazis are committed to controlling all the dialogue about their sacred cows, such as the “Holocaust” and “Israel”, otherwise known as the Zionist entity, or IsraHell.
Talk about totalitarian, racist fascists! They really take the cake.
For more information about Holocaust Revisionism, please check out the website for the Institute for Historical Review at <> .  It most certainly is NOT a “Nazi” website as the Zio-Nazis like to claim, as I have personally spoken and met with Mark Weber, the director, about that allegation.

Many Americans are unaware of the fact that it is against the law to publicly challenge the Jewish official version of “The Holocaust” in many European countries, as well as Canada and Australia, and it is punishable by long prison terms and fines.  Google “Ernst Zundel”, and “Germar Rudolf” and “Horst Mahler” or check out for starters.  And today as I write this, two British Holocaust Revisionists are languishing in a jail in Santa Ana, California, as they have been for months!  How Orwellian!  Google “The Heretical Two” and “Sheppard and Whittle”.  Thanks to Zionist Jews, it is a serious crime in some countries to have a different opinion from Zionist Jews about “The Holocaust”.  They are trying to likewise take away our freedom of speech and thought here in the USA, something we must obviously not allow.
So, maybe it was because I sent out a general appeal to my supporters to help me combat the Zio-Nazis at wikipedia, or maybe it was simply Divine Intervention, but over the last couple of months, other contributors and admins have come to my rescue, with regards to making the Zio-Nazi trolls stop writing false allegations about me, which they didn’t even have any references to.  There are myriad of rules that must be adhered to in the land of wikipedia, but one must know the rules, and have the patience to interact with the Zio-Nazis, and the brains and to be tech-savvy, too, to overcome them.  
I am proud to say that I have supporters out there in the cyberworld and they have successfully fended off my Zio-Nazi enemies, at least for the time being. I don’t know who these supporters are because they have not revealed themselves to me, but I heartily thank them, whoever they are.  There may even be anonymous anti-Zionist Jewish supporters of mine who have helped out with this. I am truly thankful to ALL my supporters out there who share my passionate cause for the human rights of the Palestinian people and their Right to Return to Palestine-Israel as complete equals, along with massive reparations.  It is the Palestinian refugees inalienable Right to Return to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel as equals according to UN Resolutions, International Law and the majority of world opinion.
For a while, I felt proud to be the “most famous” Wendy Campbell on the internet, due to the fact that a google search on “Wendy Campbell” would immediately bring up the wikipedia article on me at the top of the list on the first page.  I was hopeful that people would see past the gross insults and malicious allegations to look beyond that and check out my website, which was included in the wikipedia article. As my detractor correctly noted, I was happy to use wikipedia to help get my message of justice, peace and equal rights for the Palestinians in Palestine-Israel across and around the world in cyberspace.
So after my supporters, and perhaps just general admins seeking to clean up wikipedia’s tarnished reputation as just a gossipy, rumor-mongering, smearing outpost for crackpots, cleaned up the article about me, what was left afterwards was just a straightforward, little article about me that contained very little mudslinging in it towards me.  
I found it somewhat acceptable, but I still was not happy about the fact that they made it seem as if I were just a protagonist against Jewish issues, rather than an advocate for Palestinians rights and their Right to Return to Palestine-Israel as equals with reparations.  In other words, they basically deleted any mention of Palestine and specifically the Palestinian refugees’ Right to Return from my article and the one-democratic-state solution of Palestine-Israel.  Instead, they made it seem like my main thing is just only all about the Jews, and their sacred cows, “The Holocaust” and “Israel”.  As is usual with most politically-driven Jews, it’s always only all about the Jews, as they continue to delete Palestine completely from the map, and delete Palestinians completely from the dictionary and this world, and delete the topic of Palestinian rights from any discussion anywhere.
In conclusion, I guess I am somewhat relieved to be deleted from wikipedia, just because I’d rather be deleted from wikipedia then to be misrepresented on wikipedia.
It’s a small victory, since I am trying to be a successful businesswoman, and since many people do look to wikipedia as a somewhat credible source, so if I can’t control what is said about me, then it’s best that it’s not there at all, I suppose... It’s like “if you can’t say something good about me, then don’t say it at all”. Of course, that is my natural preference.
But this rule cannot apply to a political entity such as the state of Israel, or the Zionist entity, because people are being killed as their culture is being destroyed and their land is being stolen, an on-going ethnic-cleansing campaign by Zionist Jews in Palestine ever since 1948.
Zionism / Jewish supremacism, coupled with rampant corporate greed, are the root causes of most of the wars being fought today, using our tax dollars, for these heinous crimes against humanity.
In a case such as this, we must use our freedom of speech to help to stop this evil from continuing and to find a just solution to achieve peace in this world.
At this time, Zionist Jews are obviously the “masters of discourse” as the anti-Zionist, formerly Jewish, now converted to Christianity, Israeli author Israel Shamir has expounded upon in his excellent book by this same title on this subject matter. However with great thanks to the democratic, far-reaching tools of the internet and e-mails, more and more people are learning the Truth about racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing, genocidal, terrorist “Israel” and its Jewish Zionist and Christian Zionist advocates. Soon, I believe that the Truth will out and dethrone these deceiving, thieving, deleting masters of discourse.
The Truth will NOT be deleted!!!!
The Truth Shall Set Ye Free!

By the way, wikipedia has been officially outed as a tool of Israel (see: ) and elements within the CIA and other intelligience groups such as the Mossad (the Israeli spy agency which works together with the CIA). Here is the link to that story:

Boycott apartheid Israel, just like apartheid South Africa was rightfully boycotted: click here to find out more on how to boycott racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing Israel.

Boycott the mainstream media and certain internet sites such as wikipedia. Or if you must read the mainstream media and some Zionized websites, just consider the sources and what their agenda may likely be. Be aware of it. Be aware of the Zionist propaganda and lies permeating mainstream media in particular and what is passed for as "news". Cross reference your sources and think for yourself. There are many newslinks we recommend.

Wikipedia, and its clones (which just pick up and repeat whatever wikepedia says), has proved itself to be Zionist-dominated, just like the mainstream US media and even worse, because the "editors" at Wikipedia hide behind phony names, like many of the "editors" at indymedia as well, where there are Zionist "gatekeepers" who censor critics of Israel and Zionism. You simply cannot trust anyone or anything where you have no idea who the author really is, not even what their real names are, or what their background is, and no way to contact them.

On top of that, wikipedia shows an obvious bias towards Zionist Jews since they have a category for their favorite smearwords "Anti-Semites" and "Holocaust Deniers" where they misleadingly include my name in both, simply because I dare to criticize Jewish Poltics otherwise known as Zionism, a racist ideology calling for the support of the Jewish supremacist, apartheid, racist, ethnic-cleansing, genocidal, terrorist state of Israel. Not with MY tax dollars, if I have a say about it! And this is still America and we still have the First Amendment. Our country needs to divorce itself from the foreign country known as Israel, as Israel is a criminal state, committing crimes against humanity every day. The war on Iraq was pushed by Israel-firsters, and now they're trying to get the US to fight Iran, Syria, and all the rest, so Israel can continue to steal the land, oil and water resources of its neighbors, and US politicans who play along with this get to stay in power and get rich with their war-time profiteering.

Many Jewish people agree with my points of view, as you can see from reading the many articles by anti-Zionism Jewish writers on this website, but wikipedia and other Zionists would refer to them as "self-hating Jews". Of course, wikipedia does NOT have categories for "Anti-Arabs", "Islamophobics", or even "Anti-Christians" or "Anti-Irish" do they? Nor do they have a category for "Al Nakba-Deniers" -- in case you don't know, Al Nakba is Arabic for The Catastrophe and refers to when the Zionists, mostly Eastern European Jews, took over Palestine brutally massacring thousands of non-Jewish Palestinians simply because the Zionist Jews wanted a land for Jews only. The world looked the other way then, and much of the world STILL looks the other way, while "our" government funnels billions of dollars annually to Israel! This catastrophe against the non-Jewish Palestinian people who are both Muslim and Christian has been on-going since 1948 when Israel was created-- a brutal racist persecution that has lasted much longer than the persecution of Jews in Europe during WWII! The Zionists use The Holocaust as an excuse for the persecution of the Palestinian people. The Zionists try to criminalize anyone who independently researches what has been coined as "The Holocaust" by Zionists. Anyone who openly challenges the Zionist allegations about the Holocaust are put in jail in many European countries--- clearly the Zionists have something to hide, and they are abusing their power. They are clearly fascist and hate our freedom of speech. However they are hateful in speech and even in action (war is a hate-crime) against those who challenge them or stick up for their rights, especially the Palestinian people who deserve to live in peace with completely equal rights in their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel. As far as I am concerned, even if everything the Zionists claim about The Holocaust is true (which is doubtful since they only have eye-witnesses, and no evidence, no records, no documentaries from that time to support ALL of their claims), we certainly must guard our freedom to think for ourselves and speak our minds; and any which way that you look at it, The Holocaust does not justify the persecution of anyone else!

I'll even bet that if the theory that the Zionist Jewish neocons orchestrated the 911 tragedy were proven to be true, and these shameless perpetrators were put on trial, they'd no doubt say "The Holocaust made me do it!" That's also their excuse for massacring thousands of Palestinians. "It's because of The Holocaust!" In their twisted minds, it seems as if the Zionists think "So what if 3000 Americans died at the World Trade Center! Six MILLION Jews died in the Nazi concentration camps --- gassed! Thrown in firepits! Made into soap and lampshades! So what if the Palestinians suffer a little. It's NOTHING compared to the suffering of Jews, for the last TWO THOUSAND YEARS! And don't forget, you Americans turned back BOATLOADS of Jews sending them into the gas chambers! You are GUILTY and you OWE us! Nothing is as important as having a Jewish state! Of course, we are a democracy! Palestinians don't really exist anyway(oops! but what about the Palestinian suicide bombers?)!" At any rate you get the picture. To them, it's all about "Is it good for the Jews?" (F**K everyone else.) If anyone questions any of their dogma and lore about what happened to Jews during WWII, or how the Jewish state of Israel is guilty of a brutal on-going persecution of indigenous non-Jews, that supposedly makes one somehow a bad person. Of course, they never mention the killing of 20 million Russians during the Jewish-led Bolshevik Revolutions. Quibble with the 20 million figure all you want, but then again, they don't even like it if you bring up the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution. Obviously. They only want people to believe what they want you to believe about them, just positive things or sympathy for their cherished status as perpetual victims. They almost accomplish just that due to their almost complete dominance of the media, all of it: movies, books, newspapers, and now they are trying to dominate the internet too.

It's almost comical how obsessed with The Holocaust that Zionist Jews are. There is even an on-line encyclopedia (sponsored by Zionist Jews apparently, who are masters of molding public opinion, making themselves the gate-keepers of media whereever they are) which includes an entry about me, and all they say about me is that I have "acknowledged" that there is a Holocaust museum in Israel with a database of three million names, not six million names. And that's it. Like that's all that matters about me, Wendy Campbell, to these Zionist Jews, and they think that you too should think that's all that really matters: is that you must believe in The Holocaust exactly as they do, as if it is some kind of religion. It is. For THEM! Not for me. It's obvious the Zionist Jews use The Holocaust as their political ax to grind to attempt to justify what they support in racist, apartheid Israel and keep American dollars flowing to them and American soldiers fighting their dirty wars.

By the way, it seems as if the Zionist Jews in Germany and elsewhere don't want the whole truth to come out about the Holocaust because they could easily pass a law that the International Tracing Service in Germany must open its records up to EVERYONE to research, especially since the Zionist Jews passed laws in Germany that criminalize publicly questioning certain allegations with regards to what happened to Jews in Eastern Europe during WWII. Pretty strange, isn't it? They don't allow everyone complete, open access to these records, but they do have laws to put people in jail for making claims that the Zionists don't like. I say, open up the files for ALL to see and research, and of course, let people come to whatever conclusions they come to. Now THAT'S democracy. At any rate, Zionists constantly inundate non-Jews with their Holocaust propaganda, their quasi-religion. Yes, I believe in separation of synagogue and state, that is for sure. Get the Holocaust propaganda out of public schools! At the very least stop hiding the fact that Israel is a racist apartheid state guilty of the persecution of non-Jews since day one of its creation in 1948. See how the Zionists use the Holocaust to cover up their sins in Palestine-Israel? Stop the injustices now!

Here is how human rights activist Andrew Winkler of in Australia puts it:

Imagine for a moment being the close relative of a rape and murder victim whose body was never found. Thanks to the testimonies of a number of witnesses, the authorities could establish that your relative was raped and murdered and the identity of the perpetrator. The witnesses also describe in gruesome detail how the accused disposed of the body without leaving any traces. As a result, in an emotional trial, the accused got sentenced to the maximum sentence. A few years later, a stranger approaches the police and newspapers claiming that it is impossible that the accused could have committed the alleged crimes. He argues that not only was it impossible - for a variety of reasons - that the accused could have committed the alleged crime in the way it was described by the witnesses, but that he has reasons to believe that the victim is still alive.

What would your reaction be?

Would you be excited that your relative might be still alive and follow the leads provided by the stranger? Would you be concerned that your relative was the cause for a miscarriage of justice? Or would you go onto a rampage accusing the stranger of condoning rape and murder and use all your power and influence to make sure he loses his career, his social network, even his freedom?

The narrative of the Jewish Holocaust, as it was reported to us in the years following the end of World War II, was and probably still is the most powerful political weapon in modern history. Not only did it eclipse reports of the destruction of up to 90% of private housing and infra-structure in Germany through Allied carpet bombing, resulting into the death of 650,000 civilians, the slaughter of over a million Germans and rampant gang ramps by the Communist Red Army, and the ethnic cleansing of millions of Eastern Germans, all actions - if considered on their own - would be regarded by most people as horrendous war crimes. It also mounted continued international support, particularly in the United States, for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, and became a goose that lays golden eggs for what Normal Finkelstein calls the 'Holocaust industry'. Without the Holocaust, Israel would have never been created and could not have been sustained. It is its founding stone, its lifeline and its most powerful weapon.

The question, whether or not to include the Holocaust into the discussion surrounding the Palestinian question, is hotly disputed amongst pro-Palestinian activists. Some argue, that the Holocaust was too hard a nut to crack. It was so protected by powerful taboos and - in many countries - criminal laws, that it would be suicidal to touch the subject.

Other activists, like the author of this article, are convinced that if a sufficient number of educated people make known to the general public that there are indeed a number of facts that create a prima facie case for the claim that maybe there were no homicidal gas chambers and no systematic murder of millions of Jews, it will eventually create a critical mass of people demanding that historians and forensic scientists will be allowed to investigate the matter without fear of seeing their career destroyed or even be imprisoned.

If those 'Holocaust deniers' turn out to be right, the implications for the Middle-East will be massive. Suddenly, the public outcry over Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people would no longer be suffocated by fears of being labelled an 'anti-Semite'. No longer would Jewish lobby groups be able to position the Jews as 'eternal victims' and maintain that there was a need for a Jewish state 'because of what happened in Nazi Germany'.

When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a myth and suggested to send a forensic team to Auschwitz to investigate whether in fact it was an extermination rather than a forced labour camp, he took a calculated risk. On the one hand, he knew that this suggestion would catapult him right at the top of the 'most hated list' of organized Jewry. On the other hand, he knew that the Holocaust is both Israel's raison d'etre and Achilles heel. If we can prove that the Holocaust was indeed the biggest hoax of the 20th century, as the father of holocaust revisionism Arthur Butz claims, that will spell the end of the Zionist project and its continued rape and humiliation of the Palestinian people.

Apartheid sucks - dismantle IsraHell!

Andrew Winkler

Editor/Publisher ZioPedia - A Rebel Media Group Project

Here at MarWen Media, we, like Andrew Winker, are real people, not paid to do this, we do it out of a deep desire for Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and equal rights for all (you can be sure that many of the Zionist Jewishs are covertly paid sometimes by the ADL and other related Jewish political groups to spread their disinformation via ALL the media, including obviously mainstream AND the alternative media, sometimes hiding behind phony names and often pretending to be someone they are NOT). Here at MarWen Media, you can contact us directly with your questions. We do not hide behind phony names. You know who we are, and even what some of us look like. We are the real thing, and we are Truthful. Unlike the Jewish Zionist activists, we really DO care about Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and equal rights for all, while Jewish Zionist activists do not care at all about these inalienable human rights for Palestinians and other non-Jews in the Middle East. Even here in the US, it is often Zionist Jews who push laws that protect the rights of some ethnicities over others. They will champion certain ethnic groups here, yet completely roll over the rights of certain ethnic groups in Palestine-Israel. Hey, ZioNazis, equal rights for ALL means just that, and NO special privileges for anyone before the law. And, my fellow patriots, if you don't use your rights to freedom, you WILL lose them. Don't be complacent to just "Go Shopping" as President Bush (Mad George) told everyone to do after 911.

But let's get back to the biggest issue still facing the world today: Palestine-Israel.

All of Israel is occupied Palestine. We must all pressure Israel to transform and dismantle its racist Zionist regime, in the same manner the apartheid regime in South Africa was dismantled.

Wikepedia spreads misinformation and lies, such as Israel is a true democracy. This is what Wikipedia says about the situation of Arabs who live in Israel:

"Israeli Arabs are full citizens of the State of Israel, with equal protection under the law, and full rights of due process. Arab residents of East Jerusalem are eligible for citizenship, though most choose not to excercise that right."

We at MarWen Media know that this is a complete lie. You will not find the Truth in U.S. mainstream media, wikipedia, or even many "alternative" U.S. media! Anyone who cares to know the Truth can find it via many sources to conduct your OWN analysis of what is True including: links on our Hot News Link page here at MarWen Media, many other websites easily found by searching the internet, foreign newspapers, travel books about Israel/Palestine, and most of all, from peace & human rights activists who have been eye-witnesses in occupied Palestine. Inside Israel, which is actually occupied Palestine since 1948, and inside the Gaza Strip and The West Bank, which have been occupied and further terrorized by the Israeli army since 1967 in Israel's illegal pre-emptive Six Day War, there has been a covert, massive ethnic-cleansing campaign by Zionist Jews with the goal of a "Greater Israel", a Jewish supremacist state. All of Palestine has been under seige from the racist Zionists since the day Israel was unilaterally created by the U.N. unfairly with regards to the non-Jewish Palestinians' human rights in 1948. Israel must be transformed into a one-democratic-state of Palestine-Israel, as a sovereign, secular and TRULY democratic Palestine-Israel, truly governed by the people themselves. This can happen along the same lines that apartheid South Africa was pressured to transform into a true, secular democracy: with boycotts, sanctions, etc.

The United States, Israel, Great Britain, and all the Jewish diaspora must pay massive reparations to all the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Afghanis, and the Iraqis who have been affected by Zionist terror. If Jews who live in Israel are not comfortable with the new country of Palestine-Israel, they are free to go elsewhere. Surely they will receive much assistance from their Jewish brethren, and others. If they abide by the new laws they can stay in Palestine-Israel, and live in peace. Otherwise, if they break the law such as stealing others' land, etc., they will go straight to jail. The days when it was "OK" to do such things should have ended over a hundred years ago! Today it is against International Law and it is certainly considered discrimination and persecution and hate crimes of the worst degree no matter who does it. There must be NO DOUBLE STANDARDS!

We seek only the Truth and to spread it, whereas others who support the notion of the Jewish supremacist state of Israel constantly seek to spread misinformation and intimidate those who speak the Truth about apartheid, ethnic-cleansing Israel.

Israel also is the ONLY country in the Middle East with nuclear warheads and has REFUSED to sign the Non-proliferation Nuclear Agreement, which Iran HAS signed. There must be NO DOUBLE STANDARDS in this regard either!

ln our documentaries we feature eye-witness accounts and footage of Israeli solders running amok demolishing Palestinian homes and murdering American peace activist Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer, shooting into Palestinian schools andkilling and maiming Palestinian children willy nilly, shooting randomly into crowded homes and at peace activists, Israeli tanks flattening Palestinians' cars and many more hateful crimes against non-Jews. Many of our eye-witness peace & human rights activists are themselves Jewish people with a conscious and love of all humanity who are anti-Israel as a racist, apartheid state.

Here are the many ways in which Israel is a fascist, militaristic, anti-democratic, racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing, genocidal, intolerant, theocratic, rogue state NOT WORTHY OF OUR U.S. TAX DOLLARS OR OUR GOVERNMENT'S SUPPORT:

• 92% of all the land inside the Green Line of Israel is reserved for Jews only; the rest of the land, approximately 8%, is for the non-Jewish people who comprise 20% of Israeli population. Therefore, it is a segregated, apartheid country.

•This is further evidenced by the fact that there are Jews-only by-pass roads that go to Jews-only settlements built on stolen Palestinian land.

•Non-Jews are never given permits to build inside Israel.

•The Israeli Apartheid Wall is cutting further into Palestinian land, taking over water resources and vital agricultural Palestinian land for Jews only.

•Israelis steal Palestinians' lands, then push them into refugee camps, then force them to work at slave wages in Israel, even building Jews-only settlements on stolen Palestinian land. Then the Palestinians have to pay taxes to the Israelis.

•Non-Jews are barely tolerated, and in fact, they get a clear message that the Israelis want to dispossess them, even transfer them out. Non-Jews are not invited to become citizens of Israel, nor are they allowed all the privileges and freedoms that Jews are allowed even if they decided to become citizens of Israel.

• Jews are only allowed to marry fellow Jews inside Israel or else the marriage is not considered valid or legal, therefore there is not religious freedom nor freedom of choice.

• It is against Israeli law for Christians to hand out Christian literature on the streets in Israel, therefore there is not religious freedom.

• Palestinians in the Palestinian Territories of the Gaza Strip & the West Bank must pay taxes to Israel yet they do not have the right to vote in Israeli elections. This is taxation without representation. This is tyranny.

• At all Israeli papers, all the journalists are Jewish, therefore there is not equal representation even in the media, nothing close to it. NO EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for non-Jews.

• Jews from around the world are encouraged by the Israeli government to go to Palestinian Territories and steal Palestinian land using guns for illegal Jewish settlements, which the Israeli army then sets up military outposts to protect the Jewish thieves. Meanwhile, Palestinians are forced to live under strict curfew, roadblocks, and checkpoints, which strangulate any kind of normal lives for the Palestinians and prevents them from protecting their land from being stolen by Jewish settlers/thieves.

•Israel is a Jewish state, whereby all Jews receive preferential treatment in every way, therefore it is NOT a democratic, secular state.

•In fact, non-Jewish Israelis are not allowed to run for office in Israel if they want to run on a platform calling for Israel to transform into a truly democratic, secular country such as the U.S. is. The U.S. is officially a secular country, even though we have a majority of Christians. We have separation of Church and State, but Israel does not have separation of Synagogue and State. In fact, here in the U.S. we need to start addressing the need for separation of Synagogue and State.

•Discrimination is not allowed in the U.S. but in Israel political leaders openly call for a transfer of non-Jews from Israel. Newspapers constantly print racist, discriminatory articles about non-Jews. Racist, anti-Arab graffitti is everywhere in Israel and allowed to stay there. Militant Jewish settlers with guns are encouraged to steal Palestinian land. They don't face jail time for stealing Palestinian land or killing Palestinians. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert openly proclaimed that Israeli lives are more important than Palestinian lives.

•There is now ONE Israeli soldier being detained by Palestinians. All the Palestinians want in return for releasing this Israeli soldier is for Israel to release the Palestinian women and children who have been detained indefinitely by the Israelis. By the way, Israel has imprisoned around 9,000 Palestinians! Israel refuses to play fair. They are abusing their power and proving that they are Jewish supremacists who think they are above the law and everyone else.

•Palestinian refugees, who were chased off their land in terror in 1948 when the Jewish state of Israel was created by the UN who gave away Arab land that was NOT theirs to give away in the first place to Jewish Europeans, have never been allowed to return to their homeland of Palestine-Israel even though it is their right according to UN Resolutions and International Law.

•There are many other such instances that proves without a doubt that Israel has been an apartheid, racist, ethnic-cleansing country since the very day it was created in 1948, and even before that. Check out the hot newslinks we provide here and also do a google-search on any of these topics, such as Israeli apartheid, and "bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946" to see how Zionists terrorized Palestinians and British soldiers even before the Jewish state of Israel was created in 1948. There are many excellent books on these matters as well, by authors such as Israel Shahak, Israel Shamir, David Hirst, Edward Said, Marwan Bishara, Norman Finkelstein, and many others.

Mainstream U.S. media, Wikipedia, Indymedia (since it allows Zionist gatekeepers & phony-named anonymous authors) simply cannot be trusted. They all want to maintain the status quo with regards to apartheid Israel and keeping the cash flowing from US tax payers, so they hide the Truth from the American public and they smear people who try to spread the Truth. They call people like me and anyone who criticizes the reality of Israel as a Jewish supremacist state a "Nazi" yet they can't stand it if we call them "ZioNazis". We only want equal rights for all and no double standards. We are anti-Zionism and anti-Israel as a racist Jewish state, butwe don't call for Jews to leave anywhere unless they are personally breaking laws, such as stealing land, which should land them in jail, as that is against International Law and against the Ten Commandments.

It should be The Golden Rule NOT it's The Gold That Rules.

Let's make it perfectly clear what The Golden Rule is, since SOME PEOPLE seem to have forgotten: "Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you."

Would you believe that today, I read in a typically Zionized U.S. mainstream newspaper which has a Jewish editor and a Jewish publisher (also very typical -- Jews, aka Israeli Americans, do dominate the U.S. media, just as the Vietnamese dominate the manicure/pedicure shops and Cambodians dominate the donut shops, etc.) that The Golden Rule is : "Do unto others as they would do unto you." Can you believe it? Perhaps it was a misprint or was it a "Freudian slip"? Or perhaps that is simply The Jewish Golden Rule. How bizarro of them to twist The Golden Rule so subtly into a rule preaching preempted revenge!But then again, this is SO TYPICAL of the Zionist Jewish mindset, of course. This is a typical Zionist Jew: Do unto OTHERS (as in non-Jews) as they (the Nazis, the Christians, and any non-Jews except the ones who obey and love us unconditionally) have done unto us (as in the Jewish victims of "The Holocaust"). This was the Zionist attitude when they invaded Palestine and then they stole even more land than was given to them unfairly and unilaterally by the U.N. in 1948, massacring entire Palestinian villages such as Dier Yassin, in order to create a larger Jewish supremacist state of Israel in Palestine.

Israel is NOT a democracy. It is a racist theocracy, whose government has been systematically ethnically cleansing Palestine of non-Jews since 1948.

We are all God's children. We are all one. Jews should stop separating themselves and considering themselves apart and chosen and above The Golden Rule, and above International Laws.

There can be no peace and harmony without justice and equal rights for all before the law.

On top of that, Wikipedia has taken upon itself to publish a ridiculous, slanderous list of "Anti-Semitic People", of which I, Wendy Campbell, am included along with Hitler! That, if anything, should completely discredit Wikipedia once and for all. Our credo at MarWen Media is COMPLETELY EQUAL rights for all regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender or personal wealth, both here in the US and any country that receives OUR TAX DOLLARS and that includes racist, apartheid Israel, which is BY FAR the largest recipient of US foreign aid, and that is not even including the hush money we are forced to pay Egpyt and the war on Iraq which is largely for Israel's sake NOT for the USA or the majority of Americans.

"Wikipedia defines Anti-Semitism as "hostility toward or prejudice against Jews as a [Political Group!]* religious, ethnic, or racial group, which can range from individual hatred to institutionalized, violent persecution."

*We at MarWen Media have "hostility" and opposing attitudes towards those who advocate JEWISH POLITICS aka ZIONISM which is a racist, political ideology based on the belief that Jews should be allowed to ethnically cleanse and dispossess non-Jews in Palestine-Israel in order to create and maintain a Jewish state of Israel, which fundamentally discriminates against non-Jews. And guess what? Zionists have a "hostility" towards all those who openly challenge their racist ideology and state. By the way, there are many people who can qualify as Zionists. If you believe that it's OK for Israel to be a Jewish state which discriminates against non-Jews and has unequal rights for non-Jews, then you are a Zionist, plain and simple. And you are a racist. So no matter what religion, ethnicity, race or gender you are, if you believe that Jews should have more rights than non-Jews, especially in Palestine-Israel, then you are a Zionist and a supporter of Jewish Politics. Zionists believe that non-Jewish Palestinians (and others) are less than equal compared to Jews. We are opposed to this kind of Jewish Fundamentalism, as well as Christian Fundamentalism, or any ideology which does not insist on equal rights for all. We are opposed to our tax dollars being used to fund any country which is not a true, secular democracy with completely equal rights for all regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender or wealth.

We at MarWen Media completely support the Palestinian refugees' Right to Return to Palestine-Israel as complete equals, as this is their inalienable right according to UN Resolutions and International Law. Furthermore, I, Wendy Campbell, believe in the ONE-SECULAR-DEMOCRATIC STATE of PALESTINE-ISRAEL, and I do NOT mean a "bi-national" state of Israel as Wikipedia claims! Wikipedia claims that the one-state solution is where the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank would be annexed by Israel and then all the Palestinians would have the" same equal rights as Jews and Arabs in Israel"--- but this is NOT what I mean by the one-democratic-state of Israel. First of all, even in Israel today, only Jews have equal rights-- everyone who is not Jewish does NOT have equal rights in Israel. So Wikipedia is LYING to state such. This is FACT. I believe that the Zionist state of Israel must be completely transformed into a NEW country of Palestine-Israel that is completely secular and democratic for all, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or gender. This can and will happen along the same lines that the apartheid regime of South Africa was dismantled. The UN unfairly created Israel in 1948, and the UN and the world will fairly transform Israel once again into something else, something more humane. Zionist Jewish Israel must be dismantled and replaced with a truly secular, democratic country and the right to return for all the Palestinian refugees as equals must be allowed. Jewish Israelis who aren't comfortable with this new country should go elsewhere. Jewish organizations from around the world will help them to relocate. FREE FREE PALESTINE!!!

We want the USA to DIVORCE itself from apartheid Israel NOW!

So in a little tit for tat, MarWen Media is compiling a list of our own:

Connect the dots...

BEWARE OF: Zionists (both Jewish & Christian), Islamaphobics
and Judeo-Fascist Racists against Palestinians, Arabs & Muslims:
Note: These racist people also demonize all human rights activists (no matter what their creed or ethnicity) who focus on Israel's mistreatment of non-Jewish Palestinians and other non-Jewish peoples, and those who rightfully call for Israel to transform from a racist Jewish state into a truly secular, democratic state re-named Palestine-Israel, and the inalienable Right To Return for all Palestinian refugees' to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel as equals, along with massive reparations due to them from Israel, the US, England and the Jewish diaspora.

All the following fall into one or more of the above categories:

All Israeli Politicians especially all their Prime Ministers past and present with the possible exception of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

Menachem Begin, one of the first Zionist terrorists who blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946, killing scores of Arabs and British soldiers in order to drive out the Arabs and the British with the goal of creating a Jewish supremacist state of Israel in Palestine

Most American politicians (because it's much easier to go along with Zionists and Israel-firsters than not to. In fact, any politicians who tries to pressure Israel to obey International Laws and treat Palestinians with fairness will see their careers be marginalized at best, completely derailed at worst.) Watch out for Israeli-American Rahm Emanuel who is a rabid Israel-firster Judeo-fascist pushing for endless war against Muslims and the Arab world to steal their natural resources for Israel, while posing as a progressive Democrat with America's best interests at heart when this is clearly NOT the case. The same could be said for Joe Leiberman and many others. For more about Rahm Emanuel, who is the son of a Zionist Israeli terrorist, part of the Irgun gang under the supervision of terrorist Menachim Begin (who later became a Prime Minister of Israel) who dressed up as an Arab and master-minded the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946 killing many British and Arab people, please click here. For more info, just do a google-search on these things, like "Irgun King David Hotel bombing 1946" and other such keywords. By the way, in hindsight, the bombing of the King David Hotel seems like a precursor to the tragedy of 911 doesn't it? There is yet more revealing information about the Israeli-American "golden boy" Rahm Emanuel of the DemoRats (my new nickname for the Democrats) here. The list is long for other politicians who are not even Jewish but act as if they are more interested in Israel's "best" interests rather than America's best interests, such as obviously President Bush and Vice President Cheney who should both be impeached, but also Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Steny Hoyer,Tom Lantos, Diane Feinstein, Barack Obama, just to name a few of the DemoRats. The list is way too long. Neoliberals are every bit as racist and war-mongering as neoconservative Republicans. My new nickname for them is the Repugnicans. Watch out for all and any politicians and leaders who support the racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing Jewish supremacist state of Israel. Kudos to President Carter for pointing out that Israel is indeed an apartheid country in his new book "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid"! President Carter is one of the few American politicians with a conscious and a good heart and worthy of being an American leader. Order his book here. Other American politicians worthy of being our leaders include John Murtha, Jim Moran, Paul Findley, Pete McCloskey, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader, Peter Camejo and a few others. The list is short. Beware of those who support Israel's right to exist as a racist, Jewish supremacist state of Israel. There must be ZERO tolerance for support of such a racist country as Israel is. For those who try to muddy the waters with regards the fact that "our" government gives money to Egypt too, we believe this: NO U.S. tax dollars should be given to Egypt either! Besides, that is just "hush" money to Egypt to keep them quiet and compliant with regards to Israel's outrageously racist government. So in case you can't figure it out, the ONLY reason Egypt gets ANY money from the US is because of Israel--- in a way, it's a bribe. SO, OF COURSE NO U.S. aid to Egypt either. We could save so much in terms of money for higher purposes (education and national healthcare for we, the people) as well as human lives (here in the US and in the Middle East and anyone involved in this unjust "war on terror") if we just forced "our" government to STOP all manner of support for the racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing Jewish supremacist state of Israel. NOW.

All American mainstream media (completely dominated by pro-Israel, Zionist people) which seeks to prevent American people from learning the truth about apartheid, racist Israel because otherwise the good American people would protest "our" government's funnelling of billions of their tax dollars flowing yearly to Israel. If Americans knew the truth about racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing Israel, they would indeed demand and END to ALL manner of support of such a rogue terrorist state. Sanctions are in order for such a criminal state as Israel is.

Many American people (since they get most of their news from the Zionist-dominated US media). Whoever controls the media controls public opinion. Most Americans simply don't know that they have been well-trained zombies (Ziobots) and just parrot back to each other what the Zionized US media has mis-informed them to say and think. Therefore the status quo remains the same: unconditional support for Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign against the non-Jewish Palestinian people in order to steal their land for a Jewish supremacist state, a land where non-Jews do NOT enjoy equal rights at all. The USA continues to be Israel's big fat cash cow. Israel hides behind the American flag. It's a sham. Israel cares only about our money and "our" government's support of their ethnic-cleansing campaign against the non-Jewish Palestinians.

Almost all organized Jewish groups, some much more anti-equal rights for Palestinians than others (even Jewish Voice for Peace and Tikkun both do not call for completely equal rights for all in Israel, and they want to preserve Israel as an ethno-centric Jewish state, which obviously then discriminates against non-Jews), JINSA, AIPAC, American Enterprise Institute, Brookings Institute, Hudson Institute, Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis,

All the Neo Cons (both politicians and political pundits) especially Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, Douglas Feith, Eliot Abrams, Mort Zuckerman, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Martin Indyk, David Wurmser, Robert Kagan and many more.

All Christian Fundamentalists (Christian Zionists) such as President Bush, Pat Robertson, Dick Armey, Tom DeLay, John Bolton, George Will, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, David Cunningham, Loren Cunningham (0f Youth with a Mission and The Film Institute) and many more.

Neo-liberals (pro-War and unconditionally pro-Israel) such as most Democrats, especially Tom Lantos, Joe Lieberman, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Sam Brownback, Rahm Emmanuel, and many others.

Zionist extremist activists such as Lee Kaplan, Dan Kliman, David Horowitz (Center for the Study of Popular Culture), Daniel Pipes (Campus Watch, atotally racist and censorious organization), Meir Kahane, Robert Spencer, Alan Dershowitz, Andrew Aaron Weisbud, Baruch Goldstein, Eliot Abrams, Jonathan Rosenblum, Cyrus Nowrasteh, all Jewish settlers in Israel, Richard Mellon Scaife, Jamie Glazov, Govinini Murty, Jason Apuzzo and many more.

Alan Dershowitz, defender of wife-killers, the use of torture, and the Jewish supremacist, ethnic-cleansing, apartheid state of Israel.
Dersh Vader of the Evil Empire


IN NORWAY, NOR MANY PLACES (perhaps nowhere except for amongst your fellow racists!)

Zionist extremist organizations such as the Jewish Defense League (was on the domestic terrorist group list til Clinton was pressured to take them off it, although members have been suspected of committing the murder of Alex Odeh, and tried and convicted for such crimes bombings, etc.) and the Jewish Defense Organization, Dafka, and many more such as the deceptively named Southern Poverty Law Center, which is currently conducting a campaign of intimidation and smearing against Professor Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology at the California State University at Long Beach, who has written books about Jewish intellectual movements, skillfully exposing their patterns and agenda of domination, often by using deception. Once again, Zionists prove that they "hate our freedoms", especially our freedom of speech! They constantly seek to intimidate and even destroy their critics, while everyone else is supposed to just put up with Zionists' crimes against humanity and even pay it in the Middle East (with OUR tax dollars!) for their trespasses against non-Jews, in particular Arabs and Muslims, especially Palestinians. By the way, there are also many Christian Palestinians being persecuted by Zionist Jews in The Holy Land.

Zionist extremist disinformation spreading and watchdog media groups such as CAMERA, MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute (founded by Israeli propagandist Meyrav Wurmserand Israeli Mossad spyagent Yigal Carmen), Liberty Film Festival & its weblog LIBERATIS, Center for the Study of Popular Culture, FrontPageMag (a webzine), and many more (actually you can include most of U.S. mainstream media in this category since they allow, aid and abett these Zionist extremists in spreading hateful lies, racist anti-Arab-Muslim propaganda and promote their war-mongering agenda as well as suppress the truth about racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing, genocidal Israel. They put a positive spin and spotlight on alot of these people on these lists lending them credibility and a vehicle to spread their propaganda, racism and lies to the American people: it's an incitement to hate and to make war against Arabs and Muslims! Notice how the hypocritical ADL and other Jewish groups who complain about hatred ignore this very real hatred that is resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths!)

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) which ironically seems to be the master of defamation of those who disagree with their Zionist politics; note how they do not advocate for equal rights for Palestinians (same with the Museum of Tolerance, which should be re-named the Museum of Intolerance, because of their intolerant stance on the rights of non-Jewish Palestinians in Israel-Palestine); note how they want and try to make the world a criticism-free zone for Israel and Zionism; note how they seem to think some forms of "hate-crimes" are worse than others; note how they have made a strange cult out of the Holocaust (it's a Holocult! You could call it "Holocaustianity"-- it's their "religion" it seems) based on vengeful beliefs opposite to true Christian beliefs such as The Golden Rule and the healing act of Forgiving (as in "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those" from The Lord's Prayer, given to the world by Jesus Christ).

The Correct and REAL Definition of One of the Zionists' Favorite and Over-used Words: "Anti-Semite":

Anti-Semite (according to Zionist Jews and their lackey supporters): 1) Anyone who thinks that non-Jewish Palestinians must have COMPLETELY EQUAL RIGHTS in the land of Israel-Palestine, 2) Anyone who disagrees with anything that Zionists say about Israel, Zionism, The Holocaust, and Judaism, 3) Anyone who challenges certain aspects of what happened to Jews in Europe during WWII, 4) Anyone who thinks that what is termed as "The Holocaust", the Jewish experience during WWII, should be further researched and debated independently of Zionist input, since everything else under the sun is open to further research and debate by anyone as is the norm in a TRUE democracy, 5) Anyone who thinks that Jewish people, Israel and the US should be held to the same domestic and International Laws as every other people and country, 6) Anyone who thinks that Israel must be transformed from a racist Jewish state into a truly secular and democratic state, just as apartheid South Africa was transformed into a secular, democratic state, 7) A common slur used by Zionists to intimidate others from challenging the status quo with regards to Israel-Palestine, and/or challenging the Zionists' constant and forced indoctrination of Americans with their Holocaust curricula to further their political ends, 8) Anyone who resists Zionist fascism and tyranny, 9) Anyone who dares to think for themselves and independently of Zionists, 10) Anyone who believes that besides separation of church and state, there must also be separation of synagogue and state. NOTE: Basically an "anti-Semite" is ANYONE who resists all and any forms of fascist tyranny and domination by Zionist Jews and their collaborators. Obviously the Zionists, both Jewish and Christian, believe that some people are more "anti-Semitic" than others, such as those that question their sacred cows: the right for a Jewish supremacist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing state of Israel to exist as such, especially propped up with US taxpayers dollars, and questioning certain "facts" that Zionists insist that you believe in regards to their version of what they call "The Holocaust", even though they admit they have no proof of many of their claims, other than "eye-witnesses" who are on record as often contradicting each other. The Jewish Defense League actually bombed and burned many potentially revealing historical documents about The Jewish Holocaust at the Institute for Historical Review. And why is there such a tight lid on the now officially "opened" information from the German archives "International Tracing Service"? Why is it only SOME PEOPLE are allowed to have access to it? Since Jewish politicians were so successful in making it against the law to question certain alledged "facts" about "The Holocaust", punishable by fines and years in prison (google Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, David Irving), then certainly these powerful Jewish politicians could make it a law that ALL of these files about "The Holocaust" must be TOTALLY accessable by ANY researcher for ANY reason whatsoever, not just Jews or those deemed "kosher" enough by Jewish "authorities". By the way, the "gas chambers" at those museums in Europe are "reproductions" according to independent researchers and even the heads of the museums themselves have admitted the same. See or google for the Jewish activist Holocaust Revisionist David Cole's documentary, for example. There is also no central database with the official, alleged, and enforced by fascist laws, "6 million" figure of Jewish victims of Nazis during WWII. There is no proof of several of the allegations and claims made by Zionist Jews, who are seeking perpetual "reparations" while they rob Palestinians of their lands and lives, and Zionists demand (because of "The Holocaust") blind, unconditional support for a Jewish supremacist state of Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people and other indigenous peoples of the Middle East. EVEN IF all the allegations and claims of Zionist Jews about "The Holocaust" were completely true and could be backed up 100% with forensic and scientific PROOF, it in NO WAY justifies a Jewish supremacist, ethnic-cleansing, genocidal, theiving, murderous, lying, anti-democratic, terrorist rogue state in Palestine, the Middle East or ANYWHERE. Got it? We the People of the US do not want our tax dollars to be funneled to any such racist country, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian, whatever! Completely equal rights for ALL under the law with NO exceptions means just that! Stop ignoring this" kosher" racism that exists in the Holyland and even here in the US amongst our media and government! Open your eyes! Open your hearts! Get in touch with your soul! You DO have one, don't you? By the way, the Jewish Holocaust Revisionist David Cole was beat up by the terrorist group Jewish Defense League and has since went into hiding. What are the Holocaust-pushers hiding? Why don't they allow people to do independent research on their own? It's fascism of the worst degree. They "hate our freedoms" especially our freedom of speech. This MUST be challenged and exposed. By the way, a great book to read is "The Holocaust Industry" by Jewish writer Norman Finkelstein, whose mother was held in a concentration camp, but survived. His website is Believe it or not, Jewish Zionists even call Norman Finkelstein names, such as "self-hating Jew". If he wasn't Jewish, of course they'd call him an "anti-Semite". We must not succumb to these smear tactics in our quest for justice, peace, truth, liberty and completely equal rights for all.

Asshole(s): 1)Anyone who thinks that he or she or "their kind" can play by a different set of rules than others, 2) Zionist(s) and their supporter(s), 3) Someone who preaches one thing but practices another thing, 4) Those who do not practice The Golden Rule ("Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you."), 4) Those who are professional liars, 5) Those who think their lives are more important than others' lives, 6) Those whose motto is "By Deception We Shall Rule", 7)Those who will sell their souls for money, 8) Those who think that might is right, 9) Those who only care about their own kind, 10)Those who want to dominate and exploit others rather than living as equals and practicing The Golden Rule ("Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.").


One way to show your solidarity with the Palestinian people is to wear a Palestinian "kaffiyeh" (pronounced "kaff- FEE-yay"), which is the checkered black and white head scarf that many people in Palestine wear. They wear this traditional scarf because it protects them from the sun, wind and sandstorms. The red and white kaffiyehs are Jordanian. All white are Saudi Arabian. If you would like to have your own Palestinian black and white kaffiyeh AND help to support MarWen Media, please send in a $20 donation with your request for a kaffiyeh and you will receive it within one week. The ones we are especially high quality and make a nice scarf to wear on your head, or around your shoulders, or even dramatically draped around your waist. Unfortunately, our Zionized US media has DELIBERATELY gone out of its way to paint all Palestinians as "terrorists" and thus some people are so brainwashed about even the sight of a kaffiyeh and wouldn't think of wearing one. Even I, an enlightened pro-Palestinian rights activist and anti-Zionism, felt a little unsure at the first thought of wearing one (I thought people might look at me funny!), but then I found it empowering to wear at rallies, and even walking about town sometimes. Now it is not an uncommon sight to see an average American person wear one, especially in cities. They are GREAT to wear at rallies!





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